10 things you already miss about being back home

No matter how much you love Berkeley, there are certain things about home that you can’t help but miss. It might feel like you’re still back at home on Netflix with a bag of extra-buttery popcorn and some Nutella on the side.  We know it’s only been a week since
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Slacker student reading trends for spring 2014

Welcome back to another beautiful semester at UC Berkeley, complete with overweight squirrels, bipolar weather and — most importantly (to our dismay) — endless piles of homework. Notable among said unpleasant piles is the impossible volume of reading we students are assigned, as if professors assume we have nothing better to
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Attention all spring admits. Here’s what to expect.

Attention all spring admits: Welcome, and be prepared for the whirlwind of weirdness that accompanies going to school here. We’ve cultivated some of our favorite advice and things you should expect during your first few weeks here at Cal: Passionate students Students at Cal are extremely passionate about the causes
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