The typical steps of writing a paper at Cal

We’re currently reaching the peak of stress for the semester! From realizing you never bought a mandatory book to trying to find a misplaced reader, it’s easy to feel overworked and unhappy. When you start writing a paper for those good old humanities classes, you generally go through these classic
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4 things everyone hates about Berkeley but comes to love

When you first come to Berkeley, it’s normal to be overwhelmed by the urban, grungy and retro environment. However, once you have been here for long enough, you will start to embrace the chaos and maybe even enjoy the speed of Berkeley life. Telegraph Avenue: “…all the men with potbellies
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3 laptop-friendly cafes in Berkeley

You go to FSM with laptop in hand, hoping to snag that cozy little spot in the corner. Yeah, yesterday you couldn’t find a seat, but that was at, like, 1 p.m. Who the hell has lunch at 3? It’s two hours after prime lunchtime, so you figure you’ll at least
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4 schools that have it worse than Tele-BEARS

It’s Tele-BEARS season! And that means you, fellow Cal student, are entitled to all the joys of missed appointments, incomprehensible wait lists and punched-out computer screens. But no matter how frustrating Tele-BEARS can be, just remember that somebody somewhere always has it worse than you do. 1. San Jose State
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The process of losing your keys

In the midst of life as a busy UC Berkeley student, some things can slip through the cracks. When you are rushing from class to class and trying to avoid eye contact with your old acquaintances, you might forget to check whether you have your keys. While this problem could
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What your mind sounds like while you’re reading

As a UC Berkeley student (engineering students aside), you are most likely assigned an enormous amount of reading throughout the week. No matter how smart you are, sometimes it feels next to impossible to buckle down and focus on your books. A nagging voice somehow seems to always hijack your
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Skipping class? These 3 types of people should

Even though Berkeley students do not always love attending class, we usually end up going because deep down in our hearts we know it’s the right thing to do for our education, future, parents and our bank account. However, if you are one of these archetypes of students, you should consider not going to class.
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