6 lies UC Berkeley students tell

We’ve always been told to tell the truth, but sometimes a little white lie goes a long way. And, sadly, we students lie a lot more than you might think. Do you instinctively tell your GSI, “Yes, I did do all the reading,” even though you only skimmed the first
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Battery low

Why your battery only lasts for 5 seconds

You’re running down the sidewalk, and you’re 10 minutes late. You just need to shoot one more text to your soon-to-be ex-significant other explaining yourself — they’ll understand, right? But just as you hit that send button, your screen goes blank, you see that horrid shutdown symbol and your phone
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5 signs you’ve been ‘Trader Joe’d’

It’s that time of the week. The cupboards are bare, your stomach is rumbling and your credit card yearns for the tender touch of a pricy purchase. Yep, you guessed it: It’s time to go grocery shopping. And where do Berkeley students love to grocery shop more than at our
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bella edward

Would you pay $10,000 for a ‘Twilight’ T-shirt?

We’re super excited about the opportunity to bid thousands of dollars on literally a plain green — but maybe blue — V-neck shirt that was worn by Bella during her first kiss with Edward. Catherine Hardwicke, the movie’s director, will give the shirt to a lucky contributor after she reaches
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5 responses to Robert Reich’s AMA on Reddit

Former Secretary of Labor and current UC Berkeley public policy professor Robert Reich took to the Internet to discuss his new film, “Inequality For All.”  The new film is about the growing inequality of income, wealth and political power in the United States, but we know all UC Berkeley kids just
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mistake Cover

The 3 biggest tech mistakes you’re making at Cal

1. Not using a case with your smartphone. We love our smartphones.  If you paid hundreds of dollars for a iPhone, spending $5 on a case would probably be a wise investment. People have always told you to use protection in college — listen to them. It’s a bit mind-boggling
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