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Win a lunch with John Cho and George Takei

We love the random but super cool celebrities who keep popping up on the Promise for Education, a fundraiser for the UC undergraduate scholarship. John Cho recently pledged to take a randomly selected fan who contributes at least $25 to a special lunch with George Takei and himself. With more than
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Plaque listing the original landmarks of the University of California campus.

A timeline of 6 campus landmarks you might have missed

We all know Sather Gate, the Campanile and that statue of Pappy Waldorf — we’re pretty sure these campus symbols are featured in every brochure UC Berkeley has to offer. But what about all the other little tributes that mark our campus and recall its unique history? The adage “bigger isn’t
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5 things you don’t want your parents to know

Now that we are adults (hahaha) and have left the nest, we have the freedom to do things without having to ask our parents for permission. But with that freedom comes responsibilities — and there may be a few things you’d rather not let your parents know about your life
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Top 8 embarrassing Cal Twitter mistakes

Even though Cal students most likely scored 800 on the reading and writing portion of the SAT, spelling “Berkeley” still seems to be difficult for some. Here are eight embarrassing Twitter mistakes that stood out to us. HELLOOOO BERKLEY!! #Berkley #scavengerhunt #calstudent #yes @ Berkeley University — Viridiana ⚽
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Why technology in school sucks

Technology can be a great thing. That iPhone in your pocket? It can bring up worlds of information, connect you to the people you love and capture photos of your most cherished memories. But let’s be honest: You’re probably just going to use it to Snapchat obscene pictures to your
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Easy Halloween costumes that are mom-approved

We at the Clog are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Halloween. Who wouldn’t love a holiday that gives us an excuse to get dressed up and pretend we’re not stressed-out college students? While many also use the holiday as an excuse to show off their “assets” (a la “Mean Girls”),
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BART Idiot Hall of Fame

In light of our recent resentment toward BART and its closure, we at the Clog have decided to relieve ourselves of our BART woes by indulging in a healthy serving of passive aggression. Yep, it’s the infamous “BART Idiot Hall of Fame,” filled with hilarious photos and videos of those
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