Campanile with Trees

Celebrate Arbor Day at Berkeley

Today is Arbor Day! The holiday is a celebration of trees and tree-hugging enthusiasts, so we at the Clog wrote a special tribute to the eco-minded at Berkeley. “But Clog,” you ask us, “I really don’t know a lot about Arbor Day. How can I celebrate Arbor Day here at Berkeley?
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13-04-26 Professor Patterson, A Powerlift Champion

Introducing Professor Patterson, a powerlifting champion

Though your professors may reign supreme in the lecture hall, you’re probably not too intimidated by them outside of the classroom. You might pale in comparison in a matchup of intellect, but you’d probably feel confident in your ability to sucker-punch them for that inordinately difficult question on that last midterm.
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Flashback Friday: superhero love!

For fans of comic book superheroes, it’s safe to say that your next six months will be full of super-hero-movie-induced enjoyment seeing as “Iron Man 3” is dropping May 3, and “Wolverine” and “Man of Steel” will be released this summer. And to top it all off, “Thor: Dark World” will
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It’s looking harder to get a drink around here

Sadly, never again will students trying to grab a few beers to take back to their dorms be greeted by Sam and his signature, “How are you, my friend!” Le Petit Market in the Hearst Food Court (aka the Northside Asian Grotto) has closed down for good and Berkeley Northsiders
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5 funniest signs of the spring 2013 semester

Advertising for the eclectic UC Berkeley campus can be challenging. The stress and the surprises we’ve experienced in Berkeley can overstimulate us, so it can be pretty difficult for companies and organizations to grab our attention. But we have noticed some eye-catching and downright bizarre ads this semester. We thought we’d share
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Thursday app of the week: Quad

Name: Quad Platform(s): The Internet, iOS Price: Free Mission: Instantly generate a calender with class times, due dates, office hours and more for your Berkeley class schedule. One of the most common struggles for many students at Cal is getting organized. Entering all your assignments, classes and projects into your
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How To Deal With An Obnoxious Freshman Admit

How to: deal with an obnoxious freshman admit

So some of your friends were recently accepted to Cal. Good for them, right? Except for the part when they won’t stop getting in your ear about it. They’ll probably be bragging to you about their scholarship winnings, how some professor personally called them to recruit them or how they’re
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handshake isolated on business background

The Clog helps you land a job post-graduation

Graduation is basically already here for seniors departing Cal. For some of us this means we need to start stocking up on bathing suits for our three-month-long tour of the Caribbean – all expenses paid by our grandparents. However, for most of us this means we have to start looking for
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