Making the cut: bold hair at Cal

Here at Berkeley, it’s hardly a surprise to see a girl with a rainbow mohawk among your classmates. Or a guy rocking a gelled-up “Macklemore” cut. Or a head adorned with dreads lounging on Memorial Glade. As we constantly shift among majors, living situations, friend groups and activities at Cal,
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The Pac-12 college basketball show/let-down

The PAC-12 have outdone themselves this year. What will probably be the most exciting tournament in the history of all college basketball tournaments will begin today (through Friday) in MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. WOOO! Vegas! Titillating as it sounds, everyone knows that none of the serious non-boxing, non-rodeo sports
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Literally, I’m so not exaggerating!

The Clog has much respect for the English language and grammar. However, it never fails to amuse us when the use of certain words become really unnecessary hyperboles, so natural that the words’ definitions start morphing to mean the complete opposite. An example would be the word “literally.” BuzzFeed brought
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A beginner’s guide to yoga at the RSF

You’ve heard a lot about yoga, and it seems like something you might want to try. Relaxation, food for the soul and a workout? How soon can you sign up? You look at the RSF Group Exercise schedule and discover yoga classes galore. Berkeley, always making it so easy to
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Chalking vs flyering: which is better for advertising?

Walking down Bowditch this week after a long day of classes, we came across this little piece of art/advertising. This particular gem was informing us of the Perspectives showcase coming up. There’s nothing new in the method — clubs and groups chalk all the time to get their messages out there.
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Corn on a Sproul Hall window

We spy: a ‘corny’ decoration on Sproul

It’s easy to run out of room decorating ideas in college. By second semester, your favorite posters just aren’t cutting it anymore. Actually, they were random posters you got for free at movie screenings in Wheeler or advertisements on Sproul, anyway. So you don’t have very interesting decorations to begin
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Women more generous than men … you go girls!

Are there gender differences in giving? If you ask a woman student next to you for some help on a test, will they give it to you? Do they give more to the homeless people on Telegraph? A recent study conducted by Berkeley economists suggests that yes, in those situations,
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