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Voting on keeping the Class Pass

Have you ever wondered what it is the student government actually does to affect you? They have a huge election and loads of clubs have signs with little “ASUC-sponsored” signatures on their event posters. But other than that, the student government’s fancy-sounding meetings seem like a mystery. Well, one answer
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Travel Tuesday: treasures of Tilden Park

Your dusty tennis shoes pound Tilden Park’s water-chiseled, winding Wildcat Creek Trail. Your heart thumps fiercely in your chest, struggling to keep pace. Music from your iPod blares into your eardrums. Your lungs heave, your eyes focus on the next hill. But then — wait, is that a cow? Fixing
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‘Summa-summa’ time in Berkeley

Berkeley in the summertime — a mystical oasis of fun, friends and relaxation. At least, that’s what the Clog has heard. With everyone focusing on housing for the fall, aren’t we forgetting something — summer! Is staying in Berkeley really the most amazing way to spend a summer, or is
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How to: smell like Alex Morgan

There are a number of perks to being a student at Berkeley. One of them is the fact that we go to a school with so many people who are (or end up being) famous! In a recent Degree deodorant commercial, our own Alex Morgan was the star! In case
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We spy: human wired sculptures around campus

Lately, the Clog’s spotted these two funky sculptures all over campus. The two buddies in the photo can be found hanging out by the UC Berkeley School of Law. Since we don’t know who the artist is or what he or she intended to convey with these pieces, the Clog
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Blast from the past: boy bands of the ’90s

It’s kind of intriguing to look at Justin Timberlake these days. The man is a multimillion-dollar celebrity with a music career that has been responsible for endless hours of dancing and an acting career that has spawned some half-decent performances on the big screen. But for any youngins of the
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St. Patrick's Day Feast

St. Paddy’s Day Feast at Cal

All four of Berkeley’s residential dining commons will host a St. Patrick’s Day feast. For the uninitiated, Irish cuisine can be intimidating and exotic. Characterized by a lack of spices (except salt and pepper), wholesome fresh ingredients and dishes usually not drowning in gravy or sauce, Irish food is a
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Get a head start on choosing classes for the Fall

Only two months into the spring semester, and it’s already getting close to that time again. Yeah, the only time apart from finals week that makes students all across campus tear out their hair and cry tears of frustration. If you listen closely during the next few weeks, you’re almost
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Playlist of the week: a St Paddy’s Day celebration

Saint Patrick’s Day. The mere mention of the holiday conjures up images of green leprechauns spouting limericks and dancing a jig with unicorns at the ends of rainbows. Maybe toss in some shamrocks and a pot of gold and you’ve got yourself the perfect stereotypical St. Paddy’s celebration. In actuality,
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