Can Netflix handle the Bluths?

With eager fans already flooding social media sites with their new favorite quotes and witticisms, the release of the new season of “Arrested Development” could not be overlooked by the Clog. At 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning, the highly anticipated fourth season was available for streaming on Netflix, sending the show’s
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SoPac Regional - UCSD vs Cal

Batter up: Cal club baseball heads to NCBA World Series

On a baseball diamond three miles uphill from the UC Berkeley campus, senior Ian Paratore peers out from underneath his blue and gold baseball cap. He adjusts his grip on his baseball bat. Friday afternoons mean batting practice on Caldecott Field, the home of Oakland’s Little League tournaments. Still, tykes
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Lake No. 5

3 similarities between college and camping

There are quite a number of outdoorsy people in Berkeley, even if we do live in an urban environment during the semester. We like to think that the redwood trees around campus pay tribute to our affinity for the outdoors. But did you ever consider how your college lifestyle might
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4 careers with some pretty cool perks

With our national economy recovering at a painfully slow rate and recent grads entering an increasingly competitive job market, we have to face the harsh reality that the careers we initially came to this school to prepare for may not be the easiest to break into. So, in the interest
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MGMT performs at the Frost Music and Arts Festival

This past Saturday, the Frost Music and Arts Festival took place at Stanford’s Frost Amphitheater with MGMT as the headliner. Once we got past the fact that this was taking place at Stanford, we have to admit that it was a pretty cool experience. We thought that it was a
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How to: craft a summer to-do list

Summer is here and finals are over. At long last, there is time to breathe. But whether you’ve chosen to stay on-campus, travel the world or nestle into your favorite home couch, it’s a sure fact that summer is a difficult time to take advantage of. Three months of unbridled
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The top 10 scents in Berkeley

Berkeley is a town known for many awesome things, but its smells are not usually considered one of them. Walking down Telegraph Avenue or lifting weights in the RSF do not always provide holidays for our nostrils, and the occasional not-so-delightful aromas of an overflowing trashcan on your way to
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The Top 10 Signs You're Leaving The Dorms

10 great things about leaving the dorms

We’ve all been forced to live in close quarters at some point in our lives. Whether it was with your annoying little sister until you outgrew the bunk bed, a quadruple dormitory room your Freshman year or that one time in the same sleeping bag the night the heat went
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10 movies to watch this summer

Now that summer is finally here, we all finally have time to watch the movies we’ve been squealing over for so long! Even if you’re busy with an internship or summer class, there’s still more time over the weekend to go to the movies than during a regular semester. Here
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