We Spy: an advertisement for LSD on Southside

Seeing strange things around our fair city is nothing new for the average Berkeley student. We’ve become accustomed to occasional nudity, demonstrations by protesters, the outspoken preaching of religious fundamentalists on Sproul and the sometimes-alarming interactions with our city’s homeless. Due to our high tolerance for the abnormal, a truly
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Playlist of the week: Oscars cool-down

This year’s Academy Awards certainly caused a stir in the controversy pool. From overbearing sexism and other distaste from host Seth Macfarlane to a visual effects controversy that was conveniently cut off by the Academy (or so the conspiracy theorists say), we at the Clog gathered that there were certainly many
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Allen Crabbe is the Best Player in the Pac-12

Allen Crabbe is a laid-back kind of guy. Throughout his entire college basketball career, he’s been told he’s not aggressive enough. His inconsistencies on the court have clouded his reputation as a stellar shooter, and his lack of one-on-one explosiveness is a major defect in his play. All these upsetting
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Finding Berkeley in literature

Berkeley is a pretty great place to be, and we’re not the only ones who think so. After all, why would you give your ridiculously cool fictional characters degrees from Cal if you didn’t? If you’re into arts and literature, you probably get just as excited as the Clog does
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Live music you cannot miss, but might, this March

Today, we want to point out some of the concerts around the corner that might fly under your radar. We’ve all heard that Mos Def, Flogging Molly, Passion Pit and Morrissey are coming to town, but they’re not the only ones stopping by. There’s a concert for the lover of any genre
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Red Peppers, Ricotta & Pesto 11" personal pizza

Top Dog, now serving … pizza?

Heads up, Berkeley: If you’re craving a hot dog on Northside, Top Dog is no longer your main squeeze. Don’t let the Top Dog sign and familiar ownership fool you. The management has opted for a new format: pizza and even a new name: Pizzahhh. So why this change in
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AirBears, you suck … but not for long!

There are many places on campus where the AirBears signal is so weak that you just want to pull your hair out. Your Internet connection has slowed to a crawl and pages take whole minutes to load (gasp). Fortunately Berkeley alum Roland Saekow, who was also tired of weak AirBears
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13-02-29 Nerd Interactions Are Cute Too

Nerd interactions are cute, too

Through the course of romantic interactions between the intelligent community — a politically correct way of designating “nerds” — there has usually been paradoxically low expectation for amorous gestures and expressions. There is an underlying belief that there is an inverse correlation between book-smarts and street-smarts, meaning that all those
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MythBusters' Job Search Ad

Cal students, the perfect candidates for a job at MythBusters

If you’ve been keeping up with “MythBusters” for the last decade that it has been on the air, you’ll be excited to learn that it is now hiring. The other day, the show tweeted that it’s looking for “a multi-talented, highly-motivated, behind-the-scenes junior builder with smart skills, an awesome attitude
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