5 reasons we think everyone should attend Cal

Do you remember your first time at Cal? We’re assuming you walked through the craziness of Sproul, roamed around the beautifully aged buildings on campus, tried the “famous” food places like C.R.E.A.M. and Cheeseboard … or all of the above. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane to
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WBN Giver Box

We spy: people handing out free books

If you saw someone walking down Telegraph yesterday carrying a bunch of copies of Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” and were slightly confused as to why this person was handing them out to random people on the street, the Clog’s here to satiate your curiosity. Yesterday was World Book Night, a day (yeah,
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Berkeley's secret waterfall

Travel Tuesday: Berkeley’s secret waterfall

Now that you’ve spent the past week roasting in long-missed Berkeley sunshine, the Clog has decided to share a vital piece of information with you: Berkeley has a secret waterfall! OK, fine. We’re not talking Yosemite Falls here, but it’s still pretty cool. Less than a 20-minute walk from North
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Playlist of the week: the Coachella catch

As the hordes of students begin to flock back to campus from their memorable weekend(s) at Coachella and are forced to face the final crunch of the semester, they’ll have many sweet memories to liven up the impending finals season. For those of us who stayed in the Berkeley area,
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5 things we learned from Cal Day

Gorgeous weather, happy prospective students and tons of free food — welcome to Cal Day! Hopefully, most of us got a chance to check out some of the events happening on campus on Saturday. After running around tweeting about all the shenanigans taking place, the Clog’s ready to share what
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UCSC outdoes Cal on 4/20

When you were accepted to Cal, the first thing everyone said ― hopefully after “congratulations!” ― was something like, “Oh, you want to become a pot-smoking hippie?” Not everyone asked you that, but we bet there was at least one family member or friend who heard the name “Berkeley” and
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10 reasons to be glad you already go to Cal

Saturday was an opportunity for everyone to relive his or her awkward, excited, confusing senior days of high school. The ones when we had to choose where the heck to go to college in the fall. It’s fun to see kids deciding if Berkeley is in their future, but here
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10 Ways To Avoid Cal Day

10 ways to avoid Cal Day

For all of us who shrink from the premise of human contact, Cal Day isn’t necessarily the most exciting time of year. The massive number of people jammed into the normally vast Sproul can bring out that inner sense of claustrophobia you held in as a child, and if you’re
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The Clog brings you Cal Day

If you’re overwhelmed by all the festivities taking place this Saturday (we’re talking strictly Cal Day festivities, of course), check out the Daily Clog’s official Twitter for live updates on where the best official and unofficial activities are being held throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for the best fraternities,
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