Bear legends: Matt Biondi

Success often gets into athlete’s heads. It tends to confuse their priorities, to the point where they can’t enjoy the important things. They turn into egomaniacs with power and money, and they often misuse the gifts they’ve been given. Think Oscar Pistorius, Michael Phelps, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong and a whole
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We Spy: possibly most annoying tree on campus?

As we all know, snagging a study spot at the FSM cafe is usually next to impossible. Unless you’re willing to show up at the crack of dawn when it opens or are prepared to hover around for an hour carefully monitoring the table situation like a starved hyena on
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Introducing a rare breed: the ‘Men of Kip’s’

If you’re 21 years of age and reside in or anywhere near Berkeley, you’ve definitely witnessed what most people refer to as “Kip’s o’ clock.” For those of you underagers, let us attempt to describe what goes on at Kip’s, one of Berkeley’s only nearby bars. You arrive at around
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The 5 stages of Senioritis

Lately, some of us here at the Clog have been exhibiting some pretty inexplicable, albeit inexcusable, behavior. Is it some of that spring in the air? Or maybe something funky in our coffee? Nope! Friends, this is Senioritis. If midterms haven’t already started, they’re just around the corner, and the
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One way to earn $40,000 playing video games

Doesn’t that sound nice? Well here’s our bit of advice: Be good at StarCraft, like really good. Then, see if you can join Cal’s Starcraft team and compete and WIN in the most appropriately named, epic-sounding tournament ever: Collegiate StarLeague. Seems like a stretch? Well, apparently not for Cal’s own StarCraft team,
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Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 6.59.24 PM

Finding love … or just ‘UC Berkeley Hook-Ups’

If you use Facebook, which you probably do unless you actually have a life, you should know by now that the ubiquitous networking site has become a Godlike fixture in society. Apart from Google — which is also creepy as hell — Facebook knows more about you than your best
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Laughing is the best medicine

As we all get settled into the semester, the excitement of returning to this incredible school begins to die down. Sure, reuniting with friends and returning to extracurricular activities are awesome, but classes are picking up the pace, the days are getting longer and the assignments never cease. When you
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10 random facts about Commencement speaker Steve Wozniak

The “Wizard of Wozillia” will return to his alma mater this May as keynote speaker for the 2013 Commencement ceremony. Bam, that’s Berkeley. You all know about Woz, Steve Jobs and Apple and how the entire modern era of computers is basically a footnote of their work. But did you
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Seth Macfarlane Oscars 2013

Six lessons to learn from this year’s Oscars

The Clog was procrastinating Sunday night, watching the Oscars live feed. While some may argue that the Oscars lacks relevancy and is merely a parade of overpaid celebrities taking part in an antiquated and self-congratulatory ceremony … we couldn’t help but realize how many Berkeley life lessons could be taken
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