Thursday app of the week: PdaNet

Name: PdaNet Platform(s): Android, iPhone (jailbroken), BlackBerry, Palm OS Price: Free Mission: Get Internet for your laptop in a pinch The time when your Internet connection isn’t working is usually when you need it most. You usually have a paper or application due, and you’re sweating bullets because you can’t
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We Are THE Intelligent Life

We are THE intelligent life

The sanctity of human life is something we’re all rather familiar with, irrespective of whether those teachings stemmed from kindergarten playground bullying or esoteric college breadth courses. As humans, we pride ourselves on being the only intelligent life on the planet, and we’ve made that fact well-known to all other
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Oblivious walking, an unseen Berkeley danger

So you are walking to class through Telegraph, eating an ice cream sandwich from CREAM, listening to music on your earbuds, texting your mom, wondering if there will be a pop quiz today and rewording your newest thesis in your head. Some students in front of you cross the street
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Going great lengths for free music: Berkeley style

In this age of instant gratification and proliferation of online distribution, people just don’t want to take the time and effort to pay for music. Free is the new black, it seems. For this reason, we at the Clog have compiled a list of great opportunities for free music around
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Mixed Martial Coaching

A coach’s job is to motivate. When a first-team All-PAC-12 player like Allen Crabbe is shooting five for 13, the coach knows he has to step in and hit the reset button. Even if he has to shove that reset button. Cal’s basketball coach Mike Montgomery’s controversial physical altercation with
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7 reasons you haven’t switched to bMail

We know many Cal students have not transferred to the new bMail server yet. Even though there is a message on your CalMail home screen that reminds you to “start using bMail now!,” many of you ignore it. We think it’s better if you do move your mail, but here
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5 hidden treasures of K-pop history

The explosion of the “Harlem Shake” viral videos this month have made us at the Clog nostalgic. For some reason, coordinated group seizures don’t have the same effect as coordinated horse trotting. And as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” falls lower on the U.S. Billboard 100 (48 as of this week), many
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6 things to have on your Berkeley bucket list

As Berkeley students, we have certain things that are just expected of us. We’re not talking about grades or careers. Oh no, we have our sights set toward much more interesting goals. Exploring the best of the Bay Area and our very own city has to offer is a must
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