Travel Tuesday: Tiny Temescal’s big surprises

Nestled within the curves of Broadway and the State Routes 24 and 13, Lake Temescal is a glittering blue gem amid miles of concrete. And less than one mile in circumference, it’s a tiny gem. But Lake Temescal offers us a precious treasure as we sink unquestioningly into the semester’s
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How to be culturally aware this weekend

All the South Asian cultural events seem to be falling into one neat little package this weekend. If you’re in the mood to throw all that homework you have out the window — which we always are; we just have incredible self-restraint — then this is the perfect opportunity to go participate in
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Immerse yourself in the Hogwarts curriculum while studying abroad

Attention all education majors: If two of your passions include travel and the magical world of “Harry Potter,” the Clog’s got some great news for you. England’s acclaimed Durham University is offering education majors the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of Hogwarts with the addition of a class dedicated solely
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Lulu, the new app to rate and stalk hookups

So there’s this guy that you have a crush on. He seems dreamy, but how can you be sure? The new app, Lulu, allows women to rate and review their experiences with men, from hookups to hangouts. Want to find out if he’s a #manchild? You could spend time with him, but then
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TeleBEARS start Monday: large vs. small classes

Although the fall semester seems like light years away, for those of us who won’t be graduating in the spring it’s already time for that nerve-racking task of signing up for classes. Between trying to get into the classes you have to take, finding time for the classes you want
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Aisha Kingongo is one of the seven students from Africa who receives a full-ride scholarship to UC Berkeley courtesy of the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. The program aims to boost the enrollment of African students at UC Berkeley.

Cal recruits new students from Africa

Our admissions office goes to great lengths to introduce new faces to the Berkeley scene, but we at the Clog didn’t realize just how far away they really go! Lin Larson, an undergrad admissions officer, goes more than 8,000 miles, actually. Lin is planning to go back to Zimbabwe after a
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Political buttons

Campaign slogans and the ASUC election

Spring is an exciting time for politics at Cal. We’re sure you’ve noticed the energy and aggression of campaigners on Sproul over the past few weeks, not to mention some of the more interesting campaign gimmicks meant to grab your attention. However, we were surprised (and disappointed) at the lack
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Playlist of the week: election selections

With ASUC elections starting Tuesday, a slew of emotions are being brought to the surface: happiness due to sheer excitement about a certain candidate, relief due to the looming prospect of no more election harassment on campus, and confusion due to being completely informed on any candidates or ballot referendums.
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Flashback Friday: watching anime!

Anime fans unite. “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods,” a new movie based off “Dragon Ball Z,” was just released in Japan. The news is a big deal to longtime fans of the beloved series. It’s the first Dragon Ball movie to be released theatrically in 17 years. To say the least,
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