An inside look at the Harlem Shake flashmob

Last semester, we got a much anticipated Cal “Gangnam Style” flash mob with Mario, Luigi and Toad sexying it up on Upper Sproul. So obviously, we needed another flash mob soon for whatever video would go viral next — and of course a trio of stellar Cal students delivered by
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Weekly Playlist: Cool movie walk

Here at the clog, we like to dabble in a variety of guilty pleasures. While we aren’t at liberty to freely speak about all of them without seeming super ridiculous, we can, however, reveal one particular guilty pleasure that we often partake in during our time here at Berkeley. For
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Harlem shake: ATΩ vs. AXΩ

The Harlem Shake had made a comeback, but with a 2013 twist. Videos have been sweeping Youtube set to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” During the video, a single person dances until the bass drops and then the video cuts to a group of people wearing silly costumes and dancing like crazy.
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Dining Halls Aren't Bullies

Dining Halls aren’t bullies

Remember those days where you used to be that meek, timid kid minding your own business in the lunch line at elementary school? You’d take a step forward and bump into the stomach of the big sixth grader twice your size, only to look around and find three similar behemoths
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Winners of the Clog’s Valentine’s Day Competition

Thanks to everyone who submitted their lovey-dovey and embarrassing past Valentine’s Day stories. Here’s our top 5 favorites that made us laugh, cry and a combination of both: 5. On Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend texted me, “Happy Chinese New Year.” At first I thought it was a silly joke and
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5 foolproof ways to get fit for spring

With spring a little more than a month away, many are working hard to burn off the winter pounds and recover those stone-hard abs. For those of you who hate exercise but love looking hot, the Clog has prepared this list of ways to force yourself to get out and
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4 Valentine’s Day gifts just for Berkeley students

How does Sproul do Valentine’s Day? The Clog has compiled a list of wacky and cutesy gifts for that special someone. 1. STDs. If you’re bored of the traditional chocolate, flowers and candy trifecta, Phi Delta Epsilon has balls of adorable stuffed diseases that could be right up your alley. Give
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University of Construction

University of Construction at Berkeley?

Even if you’re someone who only escapes the cozy sanctuary of your home to take the mind-numbing beeline walk to class every day, you’ve surely noticed the ubiquitous construction spanning the length of campus. At first glance, it may seem like an inconvenience — a rather huge and irritating one at
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