April Fool's pic

Top 5 pranks for April Fools’ Day

Today is our favorite day of the year here at the Clog: April Fools’! It’s the best day to mess with your friends or get revenge on your roommate. And in case you’re short on ideas, we at the Clog have your back with our top five pranks for the
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Cal women’s basketball team turned video stars

As if they weren’t having a busy enough week, the Lady Bears took time to recreate their own version of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” while on the road for their next game. Not only are these women totally owning in their respective sport, but they also seem to have hidden
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Kobe Bryant, Cal's Newest Fan

Kobe Bryant, the newest Cal fan

As if our women’s basketball team didn’t already have enough of the intangibles behind them already – with the leader of the free world backing them – they have yet another blessing going into their game on Saturday against LSU. One of the best and most decorated basketball players of
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Commander-In-Chief Champions Cal Women

The Commander-in-Chief champions Cal basketball

As we descend into the month of madness, we can only fill out our brackets and hope that our basketball teams defy the seemingly insurmountable odds and beat the myriad of teams with the same heightened aspirations. However, one of our teams is not without official support. Barack Obama –
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Cal in NCAA Salary Madness Championships

Taking bracketology to brackenomics, PayScale.com recently put UC Berkeley’s basketball team in the championship game if pairings were accorded to median alumni salary. Using language like “fat wallet four,” “top earning 8” and “salary 16” to denominate bracket tiers, the infographic puts a zingy twist on an American pastime. The
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Cal Dance Team

Cal fans named some of the hottest in the country

UC Berkeley is on the rise in all the right places. Last month, Cal Bears everywhere learned that their alma mater placed in the top five universities worldwide for academic reputation (beating Stanford). Last week, three of UC Berkeley’s graduate programs (English, history and sociology) were crowned by US News
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CREAM: Is it worth it?

“You guys, we have to get CREAM,” is what the Clog was told by some random girl we no longer remember, during the summer before our freshman year. We all know that CREAM is cheap and that it’s ice cream between two cookies. But like CalSO, could waiting for CREAM
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Attack of the TeleBEARS!

How to: get a good Tele-BEARS date

Tele-BEARS dates are finally out for fall 2013, and as expected, they really suck. The Clog took an informal poll to prove that the “formula” of units, AP credits and luck that supposedly dictates our next semester is even more crazy and random than we first expected. Tele-BEARS officially starts
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Berkeley Amtrak

What you should know about Amtrak

Many Cal students fly home for vacation. Others live close enough to Berkeley that they can have someone drive them home. But there are some students who live somewhere in between. Amtrak looks like the perfect transportation if you have to travel but don’t have to travel too far. However,
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ID List

We Spy: Stanford invading Main Stacks

The other day, we discovered a horrifying detail at the entrance to Moffitt. Stanford students can used their student IDs to enter our libraries and even check out our books. Clearly we were horrified by this brazen breach in security and went in search for answers to this seemingly obvious
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