The Clog’s Valentine’s Day Competition

The Clog is introducing its First Annual Valentine’s Day Competition. The rules are pretty simple: Email [email protected] with your most embarrassing or lovey-dovey past Valentine’s Day stories. The top 5 stories will — anonymously, don’t worry — be published on the Clog on Valentine’s Day. The more embarrassing/mushy the better. Write
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Top Dog price increase

We love our late-night snacks here at the Clog, and, most importantly, we like them when they’re cheap. So imagine our surprise when we found out that Top Dog raised its prices by 25 cents. This doesn’t sound like much to begin with, but it’s the principle. With rising tuition,
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Top 5 Berkeley-inspired humor websites

If you have a professor who doesn’t mind laptops open during lecture, we know you’ve been tempted to open that AirBears connected browser and click the boredom away. So if you’re going to take a bite of the forbidden Internet fruit, at least be more creative than just Facebook and
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Player Spotlight: Layshia Clarendon

What makes senior Layshia Clarendon special? Truly, it is not the points she scores as Cal’s starting shooting guard, even if she does lead the team with an average of 11.6 points scored per game. She may be one of Cal’s all-time top-10 women’s basketball scorers, scoring more than 1,500
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About the Clog

Clog Disclaimer: The Daily Clog does not represent the opinion of The Daily Californian or its senior editorial board. The Daily Clog presents commentary solely from the blog staff. Stuff The Daily Clog (Cal+Blog) accumulates various tidbits about Berkeley and college life. We focus on the UC campus, the city of Berkeley
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The Clog has moved!

The Clog has gotten a makeover! But don’t worry — we’re still your one-stop shop for all things UC Berkeley-related. We’ll give you our — often hilarious — two cents on all the goings-on around campus and the city of Berkeley. Whether you need a laugh, a cry or just
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Flashback Friday: Tamagotchi Revival!

It seems like nostalgia is a straight up market trend these days. Sure it’s everywhere, but with the kinds of nostalgia that’s been showing up recently (i.e. the return of the Powerpuff Girls) it’s most certainly hard to resist. But seeing as we college kids love it so much, we have
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Feelings of awe make you more generous, less Randian

A lot of wish-washy, sentimental stuff has been said about the positive benefits of nature – stuff that we appreciate but often find a bit unsubstantial – but a new study gives some scientific support for that idea. The preliminary results of a new study showed that feelings of awe
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