5 reasons we are train wrecks

This summer’s latest buzz-worthy movie, “Trainwreck,” is a comedic take on the realistic and oh-so-relatable struggle of what it’s like to be a total mess. The film, written and starred in by Amy Schumer, follows Amy, a character who leads a superficially satisfied and worry-free life of commitment-free sex and
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Books on the beach

Clog book club: Summer Lovin’

So you finally schlepped to the bookstore because you promised yourself that this summer you really were going to read, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed by options. Where to start? Well, we at the Clog are here to help! We’ve begun our very own book club, and our first theme
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the last song

Clog’s favorite bad movies

We at the Clog understand better than anyone what it means to ignore our better judgement and succumb to our deepest, darkest desires (evidenced by the tens of thousands of hours collectively spent on BuzzFeed or Reddit). This same urge can take shape in the form of movies that we
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UC Berkeley professors’ summer playlist

We at the Clog asked Berkeley Summer Sessions professors to tell us their favorite summer songs, and here’s what they got back to us with.   Jim Pettigrew, earth and planetary sciences Pettigrew usually studies currents in Western Australia, but this summer, he’s in the Bay teaching Introduction to Oceans.
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law and order

‘Law & Order: SVU’-induced paranoia

“Law & Order: SVU” is a Netflix binge watcher’s dream come true. With 16 seasons (and still more to come), the show offers you more than 200 hours of crime show madness. There will be a constant battle between your tired, bloodshot eyes and your entranced mind. You simply can’t go to
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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.02.30 PM

Our Founding Fathers, ranked

Today we celebrate the founding of our nation and by default, the men who made it possible. We honor their intelligence, their ingenuity and their bravery, and to show how much we appreciate their immeasurable contribution, we’ve decided to nitpick and rank them! So without further ado, in order from
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10 best movies for celebrating the Fourth of July

The United States is good at a lot of things — road trips, pulling off cowboy boots, idyllic suburban childhoods with dark undertones, stuffing little pizzas into bigger pizzas — but perhaps the thing we’re best at is movies. This is, after all, the birthplace of Hollywood and Star Wars
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Roman Candles Fireworks

The Californian’s ultimate Fourth of July playlist

Party playlists are a wonderful way to express the mood of the moment. Independence Day playlists are a time-honored tradition across the United States and often vary wildly from locale to locale. We at the Clog have chosen to focus our playlist on not only our celebration of all things American but also
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7 podcasts to listen to while bored at work, internships

A smooth jazzy intro, a necessary sponsor ad and then the crisp, smart, comforting voices of your favorite podcast hosts as they launch into a 30 to 60 minute chat about a totally engrossing topic, and suddenly you’ve forgotten that this is your third hour spent organizing files for zero
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Jurassic World tickets

50 thoughts we had while watching Jurassic World

Warning: spoilers! (obviously) We took the bus all the way to Emeryville for this. This park clearly did not do so well the first time (or the second and third). Why in the hell would they re-open it? Zach is really angsty and a terrible older brother. Wow, he’s kind
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