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Best picnic spots in California

Hello fellow Californians! Have a free Thursday afternoon? What about this Thursday, June 18? You do? Fantastic! Coincidentally, this day is International Picnic Day. We at the Clog would love to help you find the perfect picnic location that will satisfy all your picnicking needs no matter where you are in the
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Ramadan in Berkeley: tips for the perfect iftar

Jihad quite literally means “to struggle.” While there is more than one form of jihad, one brand requires patience, self-discipline and a bull-like tenacity — it is a jihad, or struggle, against oneself. Fasting during Ramadan is one form of such jihad. Ramadan is the name of a month in the Islamic lunar
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Clog’s ode to cows

In honor of June being Dairy Month, we at the Clog would like to take a moment to thank cows for the abundance of gifts they give us. Cows, in addition to giving us many great-tasting products, also give us remarkable health benefits. Dairy provides some of the best sources
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Clog’s thoughts on the silent disco

You may have heard recently about the silent disco party in celebration of the new Dolores Park in San Francisco this Thursday. Additionally, you may have heard of companies like Silent Storm that are founded on the basis of silent disco events. Like us, you also may have reacted with a
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Calstrology: Internet memes

You might have seen our recent article on the Barnum effect, which helps explain why we find horoscopes so addictive. To continue feeding this addiction, take a look below for your Internet meme horoscope. See how accurately the description fits you. March 21 – April 20: Doge You might be awkward, but embrace
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Celebrate National Aquarium Month

June is National Aquarium Month. This should be the impetus for you to get to the nearest aquarium and learn about the wonders of the deep sea and about the bay. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re actually quite close to the ocean, which is teeming with complex life
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UC Berkeley students talk Philippine Independence Day

One of the biggest holidays of the summer, and possibly America’s most iconic holiday overall, is Independence Day. But July 4 isn’t the only day of independence celebrated during the summer. Friday is Philippine Independence Day, or Araw ng Kasarinlan. Araw ng Kasarinlan commemorates the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain, after 300
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Clog’s NBA Finals drinking game

In honor of the NBA Finals matchup between our very own Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Clog has created a drinking game for those of you who enjoy partying with a little basketball on the side. Gather your friends, find your shot glasses and pick your poison. Drink
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