Fun things to do with your mom while you’re home

One of the many cool thing that happens in college — besides gaining self-awareness, making friends to last a lifetime and eating lots of cheesy sticks at 2 a.m. — is that your mom stops being solely the wonderful woman who raised you, loved you and nagged you (the last two are
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HAGS: deconstructing summer cliches

When we think of the ideal summer, for most of us, the picture that comes to mind is generally the same. One vision of the perfect summer involves beach parties, tan bodies, Instagram-worthy vacations or road trips, music festivals and summer love. Another summer archetype is an ambitious internship in
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4 shows you shouldn’t binge watch this summer

We at the Clog love lots of things about summer. We love sunshine, lemonade, cool popsicle recipes and finally exploring the city, and we also like wearing comfy old T-shirts, planting ourselves on the couch and watching 15 straight hours of television. Binge watching is one of the great joys
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Celebrity resume: North West

From the people who brought you Gwyneth Paltrow’s resume, we give you another edition of celebrity resume. Keep on working on those resumes and applying to all the jobs, internships and anything else you want to! If your resume looks anything like North’s, you are sure to get hired.  ___________________________  
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Living like Ben Franklin for a week

This summer, while you are busy at your internship or binge-watching Netflix, we at the Clog went looking for ways to make our summer a more productive one. So we appealed to Benjamin Franklin for aid. We tried out his daily schedule to see if it would help lead to
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Where the wildflowers are

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Flowers are some of the most beautiful specimens nature has to offer, and like Emerson, we should remember to take time out of our daily lives to appreciate them. So whether you need to take a stress break or are
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Quiz: Where should you travel next?

We know that summer break for you hard-working Bears can mean summer classes, an internship, a job or maybe just going home and doing nothing. But if you need a break (or a break from a break), come take our quiz and find out where you should head to next.
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National Yo-Yo Day: the world on a string

Kids these days have the luxury of entertaining themselves with their iPads, smartphones and various gaming consoles. But they don’t know the simple pleasures of what our generation’s playtime looked like: super soakers, Tamagotchis and yo-yos. In honor of National Yo-Yo Day on June 6, we at the Clog are
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An open letter to our roommates: Clog wants a water slide

To our dear housemates/apartmentmates/roommates, As we all know, summer has officially begun. The weather is — slowly but surely — getting warmer. The sun is — sometimes — out. And our urge to slip on a bathing suit and engage in activities of the wet and wild persuasion has commenced. No, not that
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