Editors’ note: Indigenous Peoples’ Day issue

Nishali Naik/Staff

The city of Berkeley has celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day since 1992. Today’s paper joins in that celebration by focusing on Berkeley’s Indigenous communities and their diverse backgrounds in the city and on campus. Indigenous communities have faced a long history of marginalization in the Bay Area and across California, particularly
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Editor’s note: The Daily Cal aims to improve diversity

As newspaper writers and editors, we understand the task we have at hand: telling stories that accurately and holistically represent current events in our world. The undertaking involves an exhaustive process of researching, reporting, interviewing, fact-checking, writing and rewriting. It’s a daunting and difficult task, and there is always room
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Editor’s note: The Daily Cal presents print redesign

Since December 2015, The Daily Californian’s Redesign Team has worked to recreate your reading experience. Through careful selection of fonts, colors and styles, we at the Daily Cal are excited to launch our 2017 print redesign. The team, composed of myself, Trevor Greenan, Melanie Archipley, Emily Montenegro and Willow Yang,
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