Daily Cal server compromised, affecting Daily Clog and archives

One of The Daily Californian’s online servers were compromised Tuesday night, hindering our access to our older sites, including the Daily Clog and our archives. The development prevents us from editing content on the sites. However, existing content will remain accessible and safe for readers to peruse. Our main site, dailycal.org, was unaffected. We
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A student walks past a line of National Guardsmen in 1969 after Gov. Ronald Reagan orders troops into Berkeley.

A trip through the Daily Cal archives

Helicopters spewing tear gas over Sproul Plaza. A young Jerry Brown on the campaign trail. Clowns. A giant inflatable penis. Oh, the things you will find in the Daily Cal’s vast photo archives. With the launch of the new Facebook timeline, we here at the Daily Cal have taken the opportunity
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Daily Cal expenses 2011

As part of our effort to increase our organization’s transparency and help fellow students better understand the financial realities we face, we are releasing financial documents that outline our expenses and revenues. As a media outlet, our purpose is to shed light on the inner workings of our community’s various
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Daily Cal wins 28 college media awards for 2011

The Daily Californian will receive a total of 28 awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the California College Media Association (CCMA) for its work in 2011, according to results announced last week. Twenty-two of the awards are from CCMA, more than we received in 2010 (16 awards)
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Editor’s note on V.O.I.C.E. coverage

As the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative grows as a subject in the community’s discourse, our responsibility as a news organization to cover it and provide a forum for various perspectives becomes more and more prominent. There is no doubt The Daily Californian as an organization would benefit from passage of the referendum.
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Regarding our Cal recruiting season column

Last Wednesday, we published a column by sports writer Jack Wang about the Cal football recruiting season. Many readers have contacted us to express disagreement with its perspective, some arguing that it should not have been published.

Reprint: It’s your newspaper now

The following is a reprint of The Daily Californian’s editorial, published 40 years ago tomorrow, declaring independence from the university after months of conflict surrounding a controversial editorial the paper published about People’s Park. Tuesday, September 28,1971 It’s Your Newspaper Now The Daily Californian is now an independent newspaper. We
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It’s still your newspaper

Four decades ago, The Daily Californian published an editorial that sparked a heated controversy and prompted its Publishers Board to attempt to bring its publication to a halt. The possibility of the students’ voice being silenced was real, and the editor in chief asserted at the time that it “seriously
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