The Clog’s guide to spices

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When following a recipe, there is usually an abundance of spices and herbs, but many times we absentmindedly pour the spice in without taking time to consider what its purpose is in the dish. To us, they’re simply odd powders and leaves, filling up glass bottles purchased from Safeway, while we’re
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5 of the best brunch spots in Berkeley

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Slept until noon but still want breakfast? Well, brunch is certainly the most important meal of the day (as declared by us!). Venture out this weekend and try some of the delicious brunch spots Berkeley has to offer! 1. Elmwood Cafe: If you’re in the mood for a light but filling
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Berkeley’s finest: campus inspired ice cream flavors


In honor of Jimmy Fallon’s new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor, The Tonight Dough, we at the Clog have decided to imagine up some UC Berkeley inspired ice cream flavors. With creativity reaching every corner of our beautiful campus, maybe Ben and Jerry’s will decide to start a university
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Fail-safe rice and beans

Rice and beans is a meal that can easily become your staple food, if it isn’t already. It’s a dish that’s incredibly hard to go wrong. If you can boil water, you can cook up a pot of beans and a bunch of rice. Together, the 20 essential amino acids in
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Happy Popcorn Lover’s Day!

We at the Clog are sure that all of you popcorn enthusiasts know today is Popcorn Lover’s Day! These puffed kernels are a classic part of any movie viewing or study session, as their airy quality allows you to eat and eat, and not actually notice that the tub or
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Homemade masala chai recipe

Masala chai is a magical elixir of sorts that somehow — in its spicy, milky depths — contains the path to relaxation and comfort. It begs to be sipped while you’re bundled up in a cozy blanket and reading a book. But it’s it’s hard to get a good cup of
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The Rare Barrel: delicious, rare sour beer

I recently came upon Thrillist’s list of “The 12 Best New Breweries in America” and saw the Rare Barrel was on it. Being the ever curious epicure, I browsed through the online menu. Seeing sour beers — such as Tigerlily aged with ginger and hibiscus, and Entanglement with orange peels
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‘Nana ice cream recipe

I scream, you scream, we all scream for (banana) ice cream!  Now that the weather is looking up, you won’t look like such a fool eating your ice cream (or frozen yogurt).  But instead of spending all that money on frozen yogurt (piling ours up high with cookie dough certainly adds
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