Lavender and lime cheesecake


Who said cheesecakes have to be unhealthy? By using quality ingredients, it’s possible to make a cheesecake that is both delicious and nutritionally balanced. If you opt for almond cream cheese (which by the way, barely tastes any different from the regular cream cheese), you end up eliminating most of the
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Sweetgreen: Your new favorite salad spot?

Heeral Shivnani/Staff

A new salad bar couldn’t have opened at a better time. With the weather getting warmer, students are starting to prefer refreshing salads over greasy pizzas. Located pretty conveniently at 1890 Shattuck Ave., Sweetgreen is a great stop for some serious conscious eating. Karen Kelly, president and chief executive officer, had
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Watermelon sugar cookies

Sunny Tsai/Staff

Weekend One of Coachella just passed, and there’s no doubt you’ve seen every girl post their watermelon eating pictures on Instagram. There’s better way to enjoy this warm sunny season than to eat these juicy and refreshing fruits. Actually, we at the Clog have upped the game by making these
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Northside La Burrita

North v. South: La Burrita edition

One of the best things about Berkeley is that it has a huge variety of food options in nice walking distance. But even with all this diversity, there are sometimes more than one of our favorite joints. Here’s a comparative review of the two renditions of our local Mexican eatery, La Burrita. Northside La
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The myths about ‘healthy’ snacks

It can be quite difficult to keep that freshmen 15, sophomore 20 and even the junior 30 at bay, especially during the end of the semester, which can make eating (and in some cases, showering) difficult. Things get even more challenging when foods that claim to be “healthy” are not
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Cinnamon roll waffles

Here at Eating Berkeley, we’re all about simplicity and food hacks. We love cinnamon rolls, but you know what’s even better than a cinnamon roll? A cinnamon roll waffle! They don’t require much effort or many ingredients, so what’s stopping you from making them right this instant? What you’ll need:
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Banana cream pie recipe

Take advantage of the climbing temperatures this weekend by inviting your friends to a picnic on Memorial Glade. We at the Clog have the perfect spring dessert. Bring this along and your friends will be asking for seconds and thirds. Watching the sunset and tossing around a football isn’t complete
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Sumo Roll 1

Sumo Roll for super-sized appetites

Move over, fast food. There’s another giant in town and it’s not the recently renovated McDonald’s. Sumo Roll on Allston Way offers alternative fare for students craving sushi burritos. Imagine your favorite sushi roll Godzilla-fied into a humongous seaweed wrap filled with rice and all the fixings. For those seeking a
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