Best meal point food on campus

Pat Brown's
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Meal points seem bad when you have them as a freshman, but once you lose that meal plan, they seem like the greatest thing to ever have existed. No more chicken quesadillas from Golden Bear Café when you’re running late to class and need something quick; no more chicken tenders and
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Quiz: What kind of soup should you order?

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As the weather begins to cool down (slightly), you might be wondering what type of soup you should order for your next meal. Here in Berkeley, we are blessed with the presence of countless awesome restaurants and an endless variety of options. Contact Allison David at [email protected]


Eggless pancakes from scratch

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved pancakes — almost as much as I’ve loved making them. Over the past 10 years, finding pancake recipes and perfecting them to my family’s taste has become a true art. Although my family eats eggs, my mom prefers pancakes without them, so I
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Quiz: What should you eat if you’re sick?

Around this time of the semester, everyone starts to get sick. With midterm season never ending, it’s important to stay your healthiest. Here at Eating Berkeley, we put together a quiz to help you decide what to eat if you’re sick.   Contact Kithumini Jayasiri at [email protected]

japanese curry

Simple Japanese curry recipe

You’re starving. You’ve spent way too much money at Chipotle and Blondie’s, you have no meal points and you want something satisfying and tasty. Have no fear, Eating Berkeley is back at it with yet another simple recipe you can make in minutes and have in your belly in an
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Feature 2

Crispy corned beef hash

On one very late Wednesday night, I sat squished in between good friends, tucked away in the plush couch cushions. Clutching a bowl of pomegranate seeds in one hand and a spoon in the other, I sank further and further into the sofa as my mind reeled over Alton Brown’s mad scientist-esque
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Why Pat Brown’s is the best cafe on campus

We all know the feeling — you have an hour between classes, and you have to choose which cafe to go to on campus, a truly difficult decision. Sometimes you have to choose based on location, or sometimes based on price, but most of the time you choose based on what
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