almond butter

Healthy snacks for your residence hall room

It’s easy to fall into the trap of stress-eating regrettable junk food. We make excuses, such as saying that finding healthy options costs more than a college student can afford. But it’s time to stop that and start eating cautiously. Here at the Clog, we’ve organized a list of our
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granola recipe

Crunchy granola recipe

As UC Berkeley students, we consider granola more than just a food — it’s a lifestyle. We love the outdoors, health foods and socialism (or at least that’s what all our friends back home seem to think). So to live our stereotype to the fullest, we at the Clog have decided
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Express your ‘froyo’: a matching game

A wise man once said that the perfect bowl of frozen yogurt is difficult to achieve and impossible to forget. The beautiful thing about frozen yogurt is that everyone’s idea of perfection is unique, making it the ultimate window into a person’s soul. Haven’t you ever seen someone’s prepared bowl of
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Celias veggie burrito 1

Search for the best vegetarian burrito: Celia’s edition

We at the Clog have once again decided to make a foray outside The Daily Californian office in an attempt to find the best vegetarian burrito within walking distance of UC Berkeley. Because we have little time to eat in between writing groundbreaking articles, we walked down the block to Celia’s
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