Where should you treat yourself after studying?

Every semester, we go into dead week with the same elaborately color-coded study schedules and fridges stocked with healthy snacks. We tell ourselves, “This semester is going to be different.” We tell ourselves we aren’t going to eat only Apple Jacks for the next ten days. We tell ourselves we
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Which tequila recipe are you?

If you’re planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but want to prepare something beyond just a basic margarita, this quiz is for you! We at the Clog have compiled the best recipes for tequila-related food and drinks for a variety of personality types. Contact Martha Morrissey at [email protected]

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A guide to different methods of coffee brewing

Whether you drink coffee because you enjoy the rich nuances of flavor underlying the noticeable bitterness and acidity of coffee, or you just gurgle the stuff down in an effort to escape sleep, coffee can become an integral part of your day-to-day life. It’s there in the mornings to give
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Common struggles of a peanut butter fiend

You know who you are. You’re the person who can slam down a jar of Skippy in less than a week. You’re the person whose anxiety flares more from your roommate’s failure to restock the peanut butter than from your lack of summer internship plans. You’re the person who can
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11 reasons grilled cheese is the perfect college food

In honor of National Grilled Cheese month, we at the Clog have decided to shine some light on this under-appreciated food. Yes, it may not be the most nutritional, but the cheese in this sandwich holds together not only two crispy pieces of bread but also the very fabric of college
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Recipes for April: Grilled Cheese Month

If you don’t all know (but how can you not?), April is National Grilled Cheese Month. So take a break from stressing and embrace what is the wonderful concoction of gooeyness and a bit of crunch: the grilled cheese. Whether you’re into the simplicity of the sandwich electric grill and
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