An ode to donuts

Nora Harhen/File

Donuts, in all their circular perfection, are what we all really want when we wake up in the morning. Sure, we can fool ourselves into thinking that a green smoothie is just as good, but we all know in our heart of hearts that the equation for a perfect breakfast
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Stuffed mushroom recipe

stuffed mushrooms
Catherine Straus/Staff

A favorite veggie (well, maybe not technically a veggie) for many, mushrooms are a great meat replacement. Try our recipe for stuffed mushrooms! Ingredients 10 mushrooms 1/2 of a bell pepper 1 slice of mozzarella 1/2 of an onion 1 piece of toast 2 tablespoons of olive oil 2 cloves
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Dolphin’s Foam cocktail recipe

Dolphins Foam 2
Natalie Dardaine/Staff

There’s nothing that says summer like having a sweet, tropical drink to sip on during a hot day. That’s why we at the Clog decided to make this fun, blue twist on the classic pina colada called a Dolphin’s Foam. It has the same amount of coconut and pineapple flavor as
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Celebrating International Picnic Day: basket ideas

On Thursday, June 18th, the world comes together to celebrate picnics. Or at least they should, because picnics are great! What better way to spend a summer’s afternoon than sprawled out on a blanket, eating lots of fancy food in the sunshine. Best of all, here in Berkeley, we’re uncommonly
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What your least favorite vegetable says about you

In case you didn’t know, June 17 is Eat Your Veggies Day. Though it may seem unnecessary, a day devoted to eating your vegetables actually makes a lot of sense considering how few of us successfully do this very activity on a daily basis. We at the Clog can’t make
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Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in Berkeley

June is National Candy Month, which gives you the perfect excuse to break your diet (and your budget) so that you can indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. We at the Clog know that a sugar craving must be fulfilled at all costs, which is why we have found some
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Celebrate National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day on June 10 is yet another holiday in a slew of nonsense celebrations throughout the summer months. We haven’t a clue who makes up these holidays, nor can we find a reason why they are of any real importance, but who cares? Iced tea is our
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Making your own sourdough bread

Love bread? So does Vincent Wu, a third-year graduate student working toward a degree in microbiology, who has been making his own bread since his undergraduate years. We at the Clog chatted with him to find out his secrets to his delicious bread. Check out his tips and recipe below
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Salmon with mango salsa recipe

Make your dinner feel tropical by switching up how you normally prepare salmon, and use a mango salsa topping instead. This topping will be fresh since mangos are in season now! You can even pick some up at the Downtown Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The ingredients listed below are for
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