5 best places to grab lunch between classes

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We at the Clog understand. Sometimes you just need lunch, and you need it now. You don’t have much time before your next class, but if you wait any longer to eat, you don’t know what will happen or what you may do. Well, we’ve got you covered with the five
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How to make store-bought pasta sauce tastier

Jan. 9 - Whole Foods Pasta Sauce

Store-bought pasta sauce is a savior to all who are culinary underachievers — isn’t that all of us all, really? Popping open a bottle of Ragu and dousing cooked noodles with it is all you need to have a complete meal, full of comforting carbs. It may even make you feel
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Spark romance and have better sex with these foods

Who doesn’t want better sex? With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what better way to prepare for your significant other than consuming some aphrodisiacs to rev up your sex drive and romance? For those who may not know, an aphrodisiac is any substance that increases sexual desire. Even though scientific evidence
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A Peet’s Coffee roast

We shuffle into The Golden Bear Cafe en route to our 8 a.m. lecture. Not but 11 short minutes ago, we had been fast asleep in our rickety bunk beds, dreaming of the therapeutic sound of grinding coffee, the sweet scent of freshly brewed bean. So when the piercing vocals of The
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Mad for muffins: salted caramel muffins

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re probably feeling either pretty sweet or a little salty. Maybe you’re happy to be baking for your Valentine, or you’re a little bitter about not having one. But these delicious muffins can satisfy both your sweet tooth and your salt cravings at the same time.
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5 bakeries for your Valentine’s Day gift

The way to someone’s heart is, most likely, through their stomach. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, we at the Clog encourage you to express your love and affection with the tastiest sugar-filled goodies. Here are some excellent suggestions of  bakeries around town where you can buy your Valentine the perfect treat.
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Out-of-the-ordinary sweets to make with your sweetheart

We at the Clog love to give and receive prepackaged candies on Valentine’s Day just as much as the next set of collegiate bloggers. They’re easy, inexpensive and most of the time, they taste pretty good. But what does a ten dollar block of See’s chocolate do for your relationship?
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