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Ginger lime soda

I love summer and I love soda, but commercial sodas are so packed with refined sugar and unnatural shit that I frankly can’t stomach it. So, I decided to make my own. I went to Berkeley Bowl and browsed the produce section to see what moved me. I spied a beautiful bounty of fresh, young ginger root and that inspired me to make ginger lime syrup. I picked up a piece of regular ginger and a piece of young ginger, which has a thinner, lighter skin and slightly sweeter, less intense flavor.
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pick up sticks

How to turn childhood games into party games

We at the Clog are here to help you corrupt the innocent memories of your childhood by turning some of your favorite childhood games into party games. What better way to enjoy a game day with your friends than to simultaneously incorporate drinks into games you thought you would never play again. Your
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Forget coffee: morning beverage replacements

As college students, we’re all addicted to caffeine. We need our morning cups of coffee in the morning, or we end up walking around pissed at the world because of our exhaustion and headaches. We often forget that there are plenty of other drinks that can wake us up in
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Dolphins Foam 2

Dolphin’s Foam cocktail recipe

There’s nothing that says summer like having a sweet, tropical drink to sip on during a hot day. That’s why we at the Clog decided to make this fun, blue twist on the classic pina colada called a Dolphin’s Foam. It has the same amount of coconut and pineapple flavor as
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Celebrate National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day on June 10 is yet another holiday in a slew of nonsense celebrations throughout the summer months. We haven’t a clue who makes up these holidays, nor can we find a reason why they are of any real importance, but who cares? Iced tea is our
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Drinking done right

With classes coming to an end soon and summer quickly approaching, your weekday drinking may increase because there’s no 8 a.m. class for you to feel guilty about showing up hungover for or just completely skipping. The Clog has constructed an updated list of day-of-the-week drinking titles to make sure
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The drinks friends bring to your 21st birthday party

The thing about having a 21st birthday party is that ironically, you will never, ever be given the chance buy your own drink. People will flood your apartment bringing gifts of good cheer. Those closest to you will bring the works: margarita mix, peach schnapps, Kahlua and Fireball. Your bestie
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Homemade masala chai recipe

Masala chai is a magical elixir of sorts that somehow — in its spicy, milky depths — contains the path to relaxation and comfort. It begs to be sipped while you’re bundled up in a cozy blanket and reading a book. But it’s it’s hard to get a good cup of
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The Rare Barrel: delicious, rare sour beer

I recently came upon Thrillist’s list of “The 12 Best New Breweries in America” and saw the Rare Barrel was on it. Being the ever curious epicure, I browsed through the online menu. Seeing sour beers — such as Tigerlily aged with ginger and hibiscus, and Entanglement with orange peels
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A Peet’s Coffee roast

We shuffle into The Golden Bear Cafe en route to our 8 a.m. lecture. Not but 11 short minutes ago, we had been fast asleep in our rickety bunk beds, dreaming of the therapeutic sound of grinding coffee, the sweet scent of freshly brewed bean. So when the piercing vocals of The
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