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What does your favorite holiday drink say about you?

The holiday season offers a refreshing change of pace for most. You’ll start busting out the twinkling lights, listening to Christmas-music radio stations, buying ugly sweaters and, most importantly of all, changing your usual order of a vanilla latte to something a little more festive. Maybe that means an extra
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New Starbucks drink: Chestnut Praline Latte

The holiday season has come, which means our favorite Starbucks drinks are back, such as the peppermint mocha and the gingerbread latte. With the colder weather, holiday spirit and end of the semester looming near, we rely more and more on coffee to not only wake us up every morning
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Spice up your winter with Mexican hot chocolate

Now that it’s the month of December, you should always be nestled up in a blanket and have a hot drink in hand. At times, though, it can be a bit daunting to figure out what drink to choose. There’s soothing tea, frothy cappuccinos and milky lattes. When those get
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Coffee flavor profiles for beginners: part 3

For all of you coffee beginners out there, this is the home stretch of your coffee education. Now, we’ve finally arrived at the most familiar and one of the most important parts of the coffee making process: roasting. As you know from “Coffee flavor profiles for beginners” parts 1 and 2,
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What does your coffee mug say about you?

1. The holiday mug The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by drinking coffee. Based on your festive mug selection, you clearly already know this. Your cheery attitude and intuition of what ingredients — a hit of cinnamon, a handful of holiday ‘mallows — can spice up a boring cup
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5 holiday drinks you can make at home

November is more than halfway over, and chances are you’ve had at least one pumpkin spice latte by now. In fact, we think it’s pretty safe to say you’ve had more than one … or two … or three. The PSL isn’t your style? What about a peppermint mocha or
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8 reasons everyone should drink green smoothies

Green smoothies are one of the greatest foods ever created. We know that sounds like a lofty statement now and that your image of green smoothies has probably been tarnished by the likes of intense juice cleanses, but hear us out! Green smoothies really are great. Here are some of
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Which nondairy milk is right for you?

It was Christmas of 2011. My mother had bought several logs of Trader Joe’s goat cheese — my favorite — which I happily slathered onto thick slices of baguette. The cheese-to-bread ratio was probably along the lines of four-to-one (don’t judge). I was sprawled out on the couch in a
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Detox with flavored water

If you asked us what the most essential nutrient for life was, we’d probably say ice cream. Or maybe chocolate? Oooh, we know, chocolate ice cream! OK, but despite the fact that most of the time, chocolate ice cream is probably the only thing that keeps us going, there is one scientifically proven
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Coffee-flavor profiles for beginners, part 2

Now that you know how to differentiate different types of beans depending on where in the world they came from, it’s time to face the next step. In fact, there’s quite a long process involved between picking fruit from the coffee plant to drinking your Starbucks latte and a lot of additional
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