Coffee-flavor profiles for beginners

Coffee culture is evolving. No longer is coffee just an enabler for our desperation-filled all-nighters or something we hide under layers of sugar, whipped cream and pumpkin spice — today, coffee is something complex and delicious to be appreciated, experimented with and respected. Though Starbucks and Peet’s still reign supreme, local
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The perfect bar for every occasion

To fill in those of you who barely turned 21 or are new to the Berkeley bar scene, the college city has bars for all sorts of occasions and moods, from a classy night out to loud dance parties. The diversity of Berkeley bar selections guarantees something for everyone out there.
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Cocktails for every occasion

Looking to add a little extra class to your parties? Tired of plastic handles of vodka with cheap beer as a chaser? You should definitely start making cocktails. Why drink alcohol unless you think it tastes delicious? Plan ahead for your next event and surprise your friends with your bar
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6 places to buy smoothies around campus

1. Jamba Juice Always a classic, Jamba Juice wins big points in our book because of its convenient location at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue. Also, because it’s a chain, we’ve known our order by heart for years, so when we go in, all we have to do is decide
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What does your coffee say about you?

Disclaimer: Absolutely none of this is scientifically proven. 1. Black You’re a no-nonsense kind of gal or guy. Straightforward is best, in your opinion. Your biting sarcasm probably gets you into trouble more often than not. You enjoy this. You probably enjoy sipping your cup of coffee, slouched over your
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Artis Coffee: coffee nerdism at its finest

Self-proclaimed coffee nerds (or coffee snobs) will appreciate Artis Coffee’s ability to transform what could have been a normal coffee shop into a streamlined, hipster and interactive space in which to learn more about coffee. The display of coffee apparatuses, from Chemexes to French Presses, possesses a striking similarity to
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Solidaritea: the iced tea that gives back

Sometimes a refreshing sip of sweet cinnamon peach iced tea is all you need to recover from a long day in the summer heat. But with an ice-cold bottle of Solidaritea, you’re doing more than making your taste buds happy when you have a drink — you’re also helping to promote
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The best cold drinks in Berkeley

It’s summertime, which means it’s the season of iced and frozen drinks! We compiled a list of some of our favorite refreshingly cold drinks. Philz Coffee’s Mint Mojito Iced Coffee ($4 Small, $5 Large) Philz Coffee’s Mint Mojito Iced Coffee is to die for. It has the perfect balance of
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Your ultimate guide to hard cider

Real talk: We’re 10 ciders deep, so writing a poetic intro ain’t happening. Enjoy our guide to orchard paradise. 1) Crispin — Honey Crisp  ABV: 6.5% I like honey. Who doesn’t like honey? I want to make something absolutely clear: I love honey, and I love cider. I also happen
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