5 moments when you realize, coffee loves me!

1. It’s the evening before a midterm, and you need to get through the last episodes of “Breaking Bad” before you can focus and really study. So you go down the street and order a cup of coffee. 2. It’s a grand sunny morning in Tuscany. After brushing your teeth
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Rose tuocha at Far Leaves.

The best among 4 tea houses in Berkeley

What contains enough caffeine to help you plow through the midterms but also keeps your brain relaxed in a meditating state? Tea. Tea contains theanine, which reduces mental stress and boosts cognitive functioning. But forget all that boring chemistry! Just ditch your coffee, drink tea and see for yourself how
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Mixed drinks: Autumn Spike

Warm nights, yellow leaves and cloudy days mark the beginning of fall in the Bay Area — a time of windy nights, midterms and football games. What better way to wind down in the evening than with a cup of Eating Berkeley’s very own concoction? Autumn Spike is a brew of cinnamon, anise
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San Francisco: Nespresso Boutique Bar

My parents bought a Nespresso machine a couple of years ago. The coffee is packed into small capsules, and the capsules come in a variety of 16 different flavors, which are called Grand Crus. The grand crus have exotic names, ranging from a lighter Cosi to a stronger and darker
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Turkish coffee and fortune-telling

Being an avid coffee drinker, my goal is to try coffee from every country I visit, and international coffees in the States also easily grab my attention. When Semih, a dear Turkish friend of mine, asked me if I wanted to experience Turkish coffee one night at 11 p.m., I
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Sweet secret menus around Berkeley

Berkeley foodies have plenty to be excited about, from fine dining on Fourth Street to cheap eats in the Asian Ghetto. But they really go gaga over the slightest mention of secret menu items, even ones at big chains. Who wouldn’t? Around Berkeley, Starbucks, CREAM and Jamba Juice have sweet
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How to make a (collegiate) sangria

Sangria is a great drink for summer because it rivals good beer and pairs well with any dinner. It’s delicious and very hard to mess up. One bottle of wine can make enough for 8 to 12 servings, depending on the sweetness desired. Also, you can make really good Sangria
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Start your weekend off with a Cadillac margarita

It’s Friday night, and after a nice warm day in Berkeley, what better way is there to cool down than with a margarita? One of our favorites is the Cadillac margarita, which is as easy to make as it is to drink. Cadillac Margarita 1-2 shots tequila 1 lime, squeezed
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