3 holiday drinks you can still serve your RA


As gift-giving time rolls around again this year, whom do you have to thank more than the resident assistant who guided you, protected you and probably wrote you up once or twice this semester? In order to demonstrate both your thanks as well as your ability to follow rules and regulations, there is no
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Holiday chocolate-peppermint cookie recipe

While finals officially arrive this week, why not make the most of your overwhelming procrastination with a cookie break? These chocolatey morsels of holiday goodness combine a little spice with a whole lot of nice to power you through end-of-semester crunch time. Ingredients:  1 & 1/2 cups flour 1/4 cup cocoa
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A whole lot of latkes: a latke recipe

Who needs buttermilk pancakes when you have potato pancakes? With winter approaching in less than two weeks and Hanukkah in less than one, now is the perfect time to break out those potatoes before they go moldy over winter break. You’ve had all semester, after all, since you bought them in September,
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Delicious green chile frittata recipe

We enjoy this green chile frittata with a warm cup of herbal tea and some relaxed morning finals review. We enjoy this green chile frittata smothered with salsa while perusing Sunday’s Wall Street Journal. We enjoy this green chile frittata with a side of orange juice and toaster waffles. However we choose
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A cold, coconut-y fall antidote

It’s only December, and a bro can only humanly consume so much pumpkin. So how do you counter this massive flood of fall-flavored and -saturated everything? With a summer treat. Enter: coconut-ginger-honey-raspberry popsicles. (Can you guess the ingredients?) Eat an entire batch of these, and enjoy being the rebel amidst the
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Yes, you pumpCAN: pumpkin pancakes

As Thanksgiving has come and gone, so has the bittersweet end to pumpkin season. Now, don’t get us wrong — we spoon globs of the delectable puree into our chubby little mouths all year long — but for some reason, when the calendar progresses from November to December, the masses
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Your guide to UC Berkeley-themed holiday cookies

Without a doubt, the best part of the holiday season is the wonderful excuse to eat ungodly amounts of delicious, delicious food. The holidays would not be the holidays without the chocolates, the candy canes, the cakes, the fudge and — possibly our favorite — the cookies. Whether you are
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Pie crust cookie recipe

We love all things miniature. Something about normal-sized objects being shrunk down to dwarf-like proportions makes us squeal with joy and delight. A perusal of Pinterest will show that an abundance of others feels the exact same way as us. If there’s a loved food item, some super baker has
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Healthy desserts: sweet potato pie

During the holiday season, one of the most difficult parts of cooking can be trying to please everyone. Taking into account your picky nephew, your aunt who is allergic to everything and your sister who is always trying the newest fad diet is enough to make even the best chef’s
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