Best comfort foods for a rainy day


It’s finally starting to feel like fall around here after some weeks of weather that made you feel like you were stuck sweating in SoCal. But now, the air is beginning to smell of damp leaves, and it’s nippy enough outside to layer on the mohair sweaters. It’s the kind of
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A recipe for mac, minus cheese

A tempting comparison of our lives during midterms to the World War II bombing of Dresden may be just a tad melodramatic, but, as Billy Pilgrim would say, so it goes. Sometimes we, too, feel as though our every quirk and quibble would be better exhibited in an alien zoo
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Play with your food: a scone recipe inspired by Harry Potter

We could kid ourselves and say UC Berkeley has always been our dream — that learning the earthly undertakings of modern chemistry and how to organize words in a an alluring manor truly fulfills the ongoing quest that is life. You and I, however, cannot admit to such a distortion of
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Delicious fall salad recipe

About this time every year, despite our best efforts to prove all the haters wrong and keep up the healthy productivity we worked so hard to institute at the start of the semester, we hopelessly fall into the dreaded fall daze. I mean, how can we continue to enjoy our extra
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7 ways to spook up your boring granola

With nearly half of the semester under our belts, we find ourselves time and time again falling for the known. We are, after all, creatures of habit — and no, we don’t mean creatures like Kreacher, as in the house elf from Harry Potter — although speaking of wizardry and ghoulish beings reminds
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Easy peasy lemon squeezy teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki sauce is like an emotional ex: a mixture of salty, sweet and beautifully familiar. Unlike an ex, however, this sauce is easy to get along with and pairs well with anything! Try using it to marinate every kind of protein, to top your rice and to dip veggies. Teriyaki your burgers,
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A stinky favorite — get your garlic breath on

We love garlic. So if you don’t love garlic, get on our level. Garlic is about to get a makeover in your mind — this is not yo’ average scary vampire mama’s garlic. The amount of endless potential packed into its tiny size is of awesome proportions.  One of the
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Transform your oatmeal game: spicing up breakfast

Now that it’s officially fall, we can definitely feel a chill coming in the air.  The best way to beat the cold? Waking up to a steaming hot bowl of delicious oatmeal. Oatmeal is not only one of my favorite breakfast foods but also ridiculously good for you. Oatmeal can lower your
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Mini kale mushroom quiche

Before coming to college, I had no idea how many eggs I would eat here. It’s not something I had ever thought about: how cheap eggs are in comparison to most meat. Then suddenly, I realized eating meat with the majority of my meals was a luxury that could not
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Kick-booty kale smoothie

Proceed with caution: Only victorious champions of life who are prepared for a jumpstarted, karate-chopped, super-charged, throat-punched, power-boosted, mind-blowingly mouthgasmed, upgraded morning can handle this kale smoothie, designed exclusively for awesome individuals. This drink includes all the right kinds of fats and proteins found in peanut butter and Greek yogurt to
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