Tres Leches, a dairy-licious Mexican cake recipe

As an international student, it is very easy to feel homesick more often than not. One of the best things about Mexico — which is where I was born and raised — is its food. As a serious foodie, I have tried plenty of different culinary options in my life and nothing,
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Cafe de Paris, Cooking Class

Meals to make as the semester goes on

Beginning of the semester: You’re happy; you’re healthy. Not only do you have the time to cook — you actually have the energy, too. The new Safeway just opened up on College Avenue and, man, are you stoked. So what should you make for dinner? Something that’s actually hard! One-skillet lasagna
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Berry parfait, the perfect way to start your semester

The most important way to start your semester right is to start your first day right. Are we talking about wearing your nicest suit to dress for success or bringing an apple to class to get to know your professor? While we would let you do those at your own risk,
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Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.02.51 PM

5 healthy recipes that won’t make you hate yourself

For some of us, 2015 starts off with a list of resolutions that will probably be forgotten all too soon come February (maybe April, if you’re truly committed). Perhaps you may decide that a healthy detox is in order after a month of mashed potatoes and peppermint mochas. The idea of eating
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caramel apple crisp

Caramel apple crisp bars

We at the Clog think it is pretty safe to say that the seasons of pumpkin and peppermint have officially come and gone. And as much as we loved both, we are excited to start cooking up some brand new recipes to ring in the new year and this new
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3 holiday drinks you can still serve your RA

As gift-giving time rolls around again this year, whom do you have to thank more than the resident assistant who guided you, protected you and probably wrote you up once or twice this semester? In order to demonstrate both your thanks as well as your ability to follow rules and regulations, there is no
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Holiday chocolate-peppermint cookie recipe

While finals officially arrive this week, why not make the most of your overwhelming procrastination with a cookie break? These chocolatey morsels of holiday goodness combine a little spice with a whole lot of nice to power you through end-of-semester crunch time. Ingredients:  1 & 1/2 cups flour 1/4 cup cocoa
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A whole lot of latkes: a latke recipe

Who needs buttermilk pancakes when you have potato pancakes? With winter approaching in less than two weeks and Hanukkah in less than one, now is the perfect time to break out those potatoes before they go moldy over winter break. You’ve had all semester, after all, since you bought them in September,
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Delicious green chile frittata recipe

We enjoy this green chile frittata with a warm cup of herbal tea and some relaxed morning finals review. We enjoy this green chile frittata smothered with salsa while perusing Sunday’s Wall Street Journal. We enjoy this green chile frittata with a side of orange juice and toaster waffles. However we choose
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