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Popsicle recipes to cool down your summer

Craving a healthy and cheap frozen treat? Finding yourself sitting at home with nothing to do but eat, sleep and check Bearfacts? Well, we at the Clog have a solution to spice up your currently riveting schedule: making popsicles.  Popsicle production is a great way of procrastinating on summer school work, working out,
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5 delicious pineapple recipes to kick off your summer

We did it, Bears! We’ve somehow made it past midterms, projects and finals and are left with the sweet taste of summer. In order to help you celebrate this wonderful time of the year, we at the Clog decided to provide you with recipes showcasing something that literally tastes like summer
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Which tequila recipe are you?

If you’re planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but want to prepare something beyond just a basic margarita, this quiz is for you! We at the Clog have compiled the best recipes for tequila-related food and drinks for a variety of personality types. Contact Martha Morrissey at [email protected]

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The sweet-tooth gratifier to rule them all

You know that feeling. You’re in a slump; your mood could be best described as “meh”; and you just need some warm, gooey comfort — calories be damned! How are you to decide between a chewy, delicious brownie and a melty, delightful chocolate-chip cookie at a time like this? In
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The Clog’s guide to spices

When following a recipe, there is usually an abundance of spices and herbs, but many times we absentmindedly pour the spice in without taking time to consider what its purpose is in the dish. To us, they’re simply odd powders and leaves, filling up glass bottles purchased from Safeway, while we’re
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Happy Popcorn Lover’s Day!

We at the Clog are sure that all of you popcorn enthusiasts know today is Popcorn Lover’s Day! These puffed kernels are a classic part of any movie viewing or study session, as their airy quality allows you to eat and eat, and not actually notice that the tub or
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‘Nana ice cream recipe

I scream, you scream, we all scream for (banana) ice cream!  Now that the weather is looking up, you won’t look like such a fool eating your ice cream (or frozen yogurt).  But instead of spending all that money on frozen yogurt (piling ours up high with cookie dough certainly adds
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Bananas for baked banana oatmeal

Want an easy, warm, delicious, Instagram-worthy breakfast? Well, look no further. We at the Clog bring you easy baked banana oatmeal! After filtering through many Instagram and Pinterest posts looking for the best and easiest baked oatmeal, we finally found a winner. With only five ingredients, this is surely an
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Jam and scone recipe

These past few days have served as a fine testament to the beauty of a Berkeley winter. These chilly mornings and sun-soaked afternoons, however, leave us searching desperately for a treat to satisfy this weather enigma. Alas, we believe we’ve finally found what will surely hit the spot: jam and
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