Watermelon with a twist

watermelon vodka
Jon Newman/Creative Commons

Is there a barbecue fruit more classic than a watermelon? Probably not. If you’re looking to update some classic elements of your summer barbecue, try infusing your watermelon with alcohol. And by “infuse,” we mean basically empty a fifth into a melon. Warning: Once you do this, your barbecue will unfortunately stray away
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Clog’s perfect Fourth of July BBQ

For those who are hosting a party on the Fourth of July but aren’t sure about what to feed their guests, we have the perfect recipes that will have your guests leaving happy, screaming cheers of your talents on the grill and in the kitchen. We start the meal with the delicious
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Overnight oats recipe

If making instant oatmeal in the morning is too much of a struggle — we all know the rush of waking up at 8 a.m. for our 8 a.m. class (thank you, Berkeley time) — you might want to try making breakfast the night before. We at the Clog recommend overnight oats. While you’re
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Clog gets creative with a waffle iron

National Waffle Iron Day is June 29, and in celebration of this most auspicious day, we at the Daily Clog decided to have fun in our kitchen and experiment with some of the more alternative uses of a waffle iron. What we quickly found was that almost anything that needs
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stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed mushroom recipe

A favorite veggie (well, maybe not technically a veggie) for many, mushrooms are a great meat replacement. Try our recipe for stuffed mushrooms! Ingredients 10 mushrooms 1/2 of a bell pepper 1 slice of mozzarella 1/2 of an onion 1 piece of toast 2 tablespoons of olive oil 2 cloves
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Making your own sourdough bread

Love bread? So does Vincent Wu, a third-year graduate student working toward a degree in microbiology, who has been making his own bread since his undergraduate years. We at the Clog chatted with him to find out his secrets to his delicious bread. Check out his tips and recipe below
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Salmon with mango salsa recipe

Make your dinner feel tropical by switching up how you normally prepare salmon, and use a mango salsa topping instead. This topping will be fresh since mangos are in season now! You can even pick some up at the Downtown Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The ingredients listed below are for
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Avocado milkshake recipe

It’s the season of California’s favorite food — the avocado. Avocados have an enormous amount of benefits. They help maintain a healthy heart and are high in monounsaturated fat, which is one of those “healthy fats” that people say you should be eating. Additionally, avocados are full of antioxidants and B
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National Turkey Month: a Thanksgiving-inspired wrap

Most of us associate turkey with Norman Rockwell’s idea of Thanksgiving, but as it turns out, June is National Turkey Month. But seeing as June is a bit too warm for a plate of stuffing and gravy, we at the Clog decided to make a Thanksgiving-inspired turkey wrap that’s light enough
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Mini almost-vegan cheesecakes

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert — perfect to for all of summer’s activities, from picnics to barbecues — try mini almost-vegan cheesecakes. They’re “almost vegan” because we used an egg but substituted all the dairy. If you’re totally vegan, however, we’ve read that silken tofu can work as a
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