Jam and scone recipe

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These past few days have served as a fine testament to the beauty of a Berkeley winter. These chilly mornings and sun-soaked afternoons, however, leave us searching desperately for a treat to satisfy this weather enigma. Alas, we believe we’ve finally found what will surely hit the spot: jam and
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Jan. 9 - Whole Foods Pasta Sauce

How to make store-bought pasta sauce tastier

Store-bought pasta sauce is a savior to all who are culinary underachievers — isn’t that all of us all, really? Popping open a bottle of Ragu and dousing cooked noodles with it is all you need to have a complete meal, full of comforting carbs. It may even make you feel
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Mad for muffins: salted caramel muffins

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’re probably feeling either pretty sweet or a little salty. Maybe you’re happy to be baking for your Valentine, or you’re a little bitter about not having one. But these delicious muffins can satisfy both your sweet tooth and your salt cravings at the same time.
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Out-of-the-ordinary sweets to make with your sweetheart

We at the Clog love to give and receive prepackaged candies on Valentine’s Day just as much as the next set of collegiate bloggers. They’re easy, inexpensive and most of the time, they taste pretty good. But what does a ten dollar block of See’s chocolate do for your relationship?
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Toast: When did you get so fancy?

It was only a short time ago that the “fancy toast” craze swept through San Francisco. It declared that toast was the latest newcomer in a long trend of transforming that which is, by definition, the thriftiest of items into something honored as “artisanal” or, rather, “craft.” “Artisanal” is so 2014. With the
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Food for February: nutty quinoa salad

Even though the days are getting longer, we know that your days are feeling shorter and shorter, getting more packed than ever. But no need to worry, we here at Eating Berkeley have the perfect protein-packed recipe for you to make at the beginning of the week and have to
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Have a super Super Bowl making these recipes

So we heard you’re having a Super Bowl party. We also heard that Matt invited his new girlfriend, who wants to bring along a few of her friends — and that Lauren’s now bringing her brother, who drove up for the weekend with some high school friends, who all want to come, too. So
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Tres Leches, a dairy-licious Mexican cake recipe

As an international student, it is very easy to feel homesick more often than not. One of the best things about Mexico — which is where I was born and raised — is its food. As a serious foodie, I have tried plenty of different culinary options in my life and nothing,
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Cafe de Paris, Cooking Class

Meals to make as the semester goes on

Beginning of the semester: You’re happy; you’re healthy. Not only do you have the time to cook — you actually have the energy, too. The new Safeway just opened up on College Avenue and, man, are you stoked. So what should you make for dinner? Something that’s actually hard! One-skillet lasagna
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