Toss salad bars for restaurants

We’re sick of the salad bar. Being vegetarian in college is often met with worry that finding quality and varied food will be difficult. Without your parents’ shopping trips or a fully stocked kitchen, heading to the salad bar is the most convenient option. But there is so much more
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An easy, 10-step taco recipe

Everyone loves a good taco. With dollar tacos easily accessible in Berkeley, we’ve found that the art of making the perfect taco is lost to many students. We have a simple way to make tacos at home — for vegetarians and meat lovers — that takes less than an hour
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A college student’s guide to better meal-planning

It’s 7:30 p.m. After stacked lectures, work, an info session and missed lunch, the last thing you want to do is open your fridge door and try to get “creative” with a moist bag of spinach, half a can of chickpeas and Dijon mustard. You recall your trip to Trader
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Too lazy to cook? Eat your 3 meals from a mug

When pots and pans are too much effort and eating off of a plate seems unappealing, reach for a coffee mug instead. These quick recipes, aggregated from various blogs, will save you dish-washing and cooking time while still delivering on flavor. Go ahead and have your three meals each day
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Quick recipe: homemade crepes

Pancakes and waffles are age-old breakfast traditions, but wherever I go, crepes always leave the best impression. They’re great for any time of the day, and you can make them healthy, pig-out-worthy or a mixture of both. The basic crepe requires only six ingredients and some water. It’s so easy
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Pumpkin pie cookies that only need 5(ish) ingredients

Now that the weather is getting more chilly, students are starting to break out their North Face jackets and Ugg boots. But these clothing items aren’t the only things suddenly invading our campus. The cooler temperatures have brought with them an influx of pumpkin products — from pumpkin lattes at
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Pumpkin bread for Halloween

Even though Halloween is just around the corner, indulging your sweet tooth is a timeless tradition. So is indulging in absolutely delicious food such as this pumpkin bread, which will have you reaching for another slice the moment the first hits your tongue. Ingredients: 2 cups of all-purpose flour 1
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5 ways to vamp up that vegan burger at Crossroads

Eating at Crossroads is hard. Eating vegan at Crossroads is hard. Let’s be real — being vegan in general is pretty hard. It doesn’t take long before you get sick of the options Crossroads has to offer — there are only so many days you can eat salad with hummus
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Image by Harsha K R under Creative Commons.

The almond: toasted, candied, milked and a great study break

When putting off homework, we tend to look for justifiable distractions or means of procrastination, and when in search for those, some of us turn to the kitchen. This year was no exception, with the discovery of the ultimate study break: the almond. Almonds are relatively cheap and healthy for
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