DIY project: Baking black sesame cake

Ever since I first tried black sesame buns in high school, I fell in love with black sesame desserts. I fantasized about black sesame cake, butter, cookies, macarons and bread. Two months ago, after talking to my mother about the vast possibilities for black sesame and joking around about opening
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Image by Dinner Series under Creative Commons.

DIY project: Homemade bacon!

What goes well with hearty breakfasts? Bacon. What is essential in BLT sandwiches? Bacon. What’s not the epitome of healthy but shamelessly and insanely good that a huge part of America’s population is simply infatuated with it? BACON. Are you salivating yet? And above all – what is better than
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The perfect grilled cheese can be yours in just a matter of minutes.

Make the perfect sandwich for National Grilled Cheese Day

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day, and in its honor, let’s take a closer look at that favorite comfort food. The epitome of the college diet — cheap, easy to prepare, tasty and nostalgic — grilled cheese has a special place in all of our hearts. Grilled cheese might be
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Camping over spring break? That doesn't mean you're limited to eating granola bars and dry cereal.

Treats for spring break campers

Going camping, backpacking or day tripping this spring break? If you’re thinking of packing chips and mountains of cereal to satiate you on the road, think again. With a bit of cooking and planning ahead of time, you can feast healthfully and affordably wherever you adventure to.
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How cute is that pasta!

Make your own ravioli meal entirely from scratch

If there are two things everyone (except vegans) likes, it’s pasta and cheese. Put them together, and life is complete — thus ravioli was born. Even better is homemade ravioli, but it’s usually only found in a grandmother’s kitchen or the finest Italian restaurants. My friend Adriana told me making ricotta cheese,
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Chocolate banana bread for any occasion

Few things in this world are better than some warm banana bread, fresh out of the oven. It’s essentially cake that can be eaten in the morning with no questions asked or eyebrows raised, and who doesn’t love that?
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