5 minute apple crumble recipe

Every now and then, we crave a dessert to have late at night, but we often don’t have the time, nor the patience, to go out and buy something. This quick, simple and delicious alternative to your favorite apple crumble is a perfect, not to mention healthy, way to satisfy
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Eggless pancakes from scratch

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved pancakes — almost as much as I’ve loved making them. Over the past 10 years, finding pancake recipes and perfecting them to my family’s taste has become a true art. Although my family eats eggs, my mom prefers pancakes without them, so I
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japanese curry

Simple Japanese curry recipe

You’re starving. You’ve spent way too much money at Chipotle and Blondie’s, you have no meal points and you want something satisfying and tasty. Have no fear, Eating Berkeley is back at it with yet another simple recipe you can make in minutes and have in your belly in an
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Taylor Follett/Senior Staff

Teriyaki rice bowl

Look, it’s just hard to cook something that has carbs, protein and veggies but still tastes good, fits with a college budget and isn’t super time consuming. Lucky for you, we have an easy and delicious recipe that just about fits the bill.
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Smashed egg

Soft-poached eggs on toast

Eggs. Eggs are perfect. Their culinary uses are fairly close to boundless, they’re the most delicious and versatile breakfast food and they pack a protein punch. For the most part, we students feel comfortable with eggs; cracking them into cake mix, eating them raw in cookie dough, scrambling them with cheese and
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Challah French toast

Have you ever been left with some extra challah after a Friday night dinner? Have you ever just let it sit on your kitchen counter through the weekend until it’s stale and then not known what to do with it? Lucky for you, that stale challah you find lying around your kitchen Sunday morning can make for an excellent brunch. Here, we show you just how.
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Juliet Hemmati/Staff

Black bean, corn ‘freezer’ quesadillas

Coming home from a long day working at an internship or taking summer classes, you may just be tempted to order take-out. You’re too tired to cook, right? Well, with a little meal prep you may not have to go there. Make these cheesy, veggie-packed quesadillas and stick them in
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Persian ‘sour’ stew

Someone somewhere probably wanted stew so badly, they couldn’t even wait for their grapes to ripen. Well, this may not exactly be the origin story for Persian ashe torsh, literally “sour stew.” This stew features ghooreh, or unripe, sour grapes, a common ingredient used in Persian cooking that adds a tart punch to
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egg in the pan

Veggie breakfast hash

As students, it’s tough for us to make breakfast special. Whether we’re rushing to our internship, full-time job or daily 8 a.m. lecture, mornings are reserved for copious amounts of coffee, a smoothie or maybe an energy bar. Let’s bring the heartiness and love back to breakfast with this veggie hash
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