Where to shop and how to save at the grocery store


We actually enjoy grocery shopping. It’s a very Zen process of wandering down the expansive aisles with a singular task. With no real thinking, it’s a welcome relief from the taxing weekdays. But what is not so Zen is getting to the cash register and seeing a price much higher than you expected
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Metabolism-boosting foods you should try

For healthy weight loss and an all-around healthy lifestyle, a humming metabolism is extremely important. Our metabolism is what converts all the calories we consume into energy, and the faster it is, the more calories we burn. While our metabolism has a lot to do with genetics, there are speculated ways you
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Love your gut: Embrace healthy bacteria

Now that you’ve eaten your weight (or more) in Halloween candy and partied your costumed heart out all weekend, you’re probably not feeling your absolute best. This could be for a multitude of reasons: You’re hungover, your costume wasn’t quite as original as you thought, or you’re a little sick
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Refined sugar vs. unrefined sugar

Sugar: We know it’s bad, but we still love it. Almost every single life event is accompanied by a corresponding sugar-filled sidekick. Birthday or wedding? You’ve gotta eat cake. Bad breakup? Eat a tub of ice cream. Great day? Reward yourself with a cupcake. Fall has just arrived? Pull out
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Unusual fruits you can find in California

Ruby-red cherries, juicy peaches, crispy apples — without a doubt, fruit is our absolute favorite type of food in the world. Literally, give us any fruit of any shape, smell or size and we’ll gobble it up without a second thought.  Not only is fruit delicious, but it’s also incredibly good for you.
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Veggie Stir-Fry: a recipe for Meatless Mondays

Let me get one thing straight: I’m a big fan of meat. What would Thanksgiving be without a perfectly roasted turkey? What would Christmas be without that glistening hunk of ham? There could be no clambake without those meticulously picked clams; no oyster bar without fresh, smooth oysters and no
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A day at Eat Real Festival 2014

Close your eyes, relax and let us take you on a journey. You’re on a beautiful waterfront pier, with smooth wooden planks under your feet, waves softly splashing in the background and the sun shining on your face. You’re enjoying the calm when you smell a faint hint of barbecue sauce.
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5 things you never knew about instant ramen

Without a doubt, ramen is a worldwide phenomenon. You can find ramen at almost every major grocery store in the U.S., and it’s the same in many countries throughout the world. From the typical ramen noodles consumed by busy college students to the $16 gourmet bowls of celebrity chef David Chang,
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