Eating at Zachary’s should be a graduation requirement.

5 tips for dining out with parents

Eating with your parents will be a special experience, as you are up and coming into the world of work, freedom and independence. And while you can make it all the more memorable by bringing them to your favorite restaurant, that’s only the beginning. Here are some tips for having
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Hall Winery - The long hallway of the dimly lit cave lined with wooden oak wine barrels

A day in Napa Valley

What’s the best thing about having your parents visit you for the weekend? It is undeniably the two or three days of freedom from the monotony of the dining halls and from spending money of your own. As well as spending that cherished, quality time with them, of course. My
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Residents gathered in the Cloyne Court kitchen.

Reflections of a co-op food manager

Since the start of last fall semester, I have been one of two food managers at Cloyne Court, the largest house within the Berkeley Student Cooperative system.  I decided to run for the position the previous spring, when my fellow housemate Maddie Tien asked if I would join her in
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A brave new world of dietary lifestyles

Some of my grandma’s favorite stories to tell me are of the dinner parties she used to throw and attend when she was of college age. Friends, friends of friends, significant others and sometimes a stranger gathering together to share a good ‘ol-fashioned Texan dinner. The communality of sharing a
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The double chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate ice cream and chocolate almond bark at Red Fish Grill was cooked to order, and it came puffy and inflated like a successful souffle

Reflecting on New Orleans cuisine

When I found out that my family was going to New Orleans for a week during winter break, I immediately started looking up delicious restaurants and specialty dishes. The first full day I was there, I was not about to pass up any chance to try the local fare.
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For some, La Val's is just a place to have lunch. For others, it's a home away from home.

Finding my place in Berkeley

The night before I visited UC Berkeley for the first time, a family friend handed me a handwritten list. “This is everywhere you need to eat,” he said. “There are a lot of choices out there, but these are the ones that I remember after 30 years.”
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