7 best North Indian desserts

Indian desserts are renowned for being some of the sweetest and most delicious in the world. No matter where you are, any Indian establishment will definitely offer at least one of these seven North Indian desserts. But be warned: They’re often referred to as “diabetes on a plate.” These desserts
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Donsuemor: A delightful indulgence

“Bring delight to everyday life.” That’s the philosophy of Donsuemor, an Alameda-based bakery whose products can be found on the shelves at Costco, Peet’s Coffee, Whole Foods and many others retailers. Initially famous for their traditional madeleines, Donsuemor’s recipe book has expanded to include a number of delicious baked goods,
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Cookie Butter is the new Nutella

So I’ve got a new obsession. It’s called cookie butter. Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself, how could a cookie possibly be transformed into a decadent jar of spreadable goodness? To be honest, I don’t know how Trader Joe’s, the manufacturers and (stop me if I’m going to
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Cranberry crumb bar at the Berkeley Student Food Collective. Photo by Josh Escobar.

4 autumn treats around campus

Blackberries, oranges, grapes and walnuts are all in season. Check out these scrumptious treats that you can have for breakfast or during a study break. All of them cost less than $5 and can be found a block from campus! Mixed berry scones at Babette These gluten-free scones, available on
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Annie Chang/File

Addicted to Cinnaholic

There is a huge dilemma for those who walk into Cinnaholic: It is almost impossible to decide which combination of frosting and toppings you want! There are so many: 28 frosting flavors and 25 toppings, including seasonal ones. On top of that, there are eight specialty rolls that are already
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Sun cake. Image by Annie Chang.

Four Taiwanese pastries to look for

Going through old photos of friends and family celebrating the Chinese New Year, I yearn to go back to Taiwan more and more everyday. I crave Taiwanese pastries and breads, and since many cannot be found fresh here in Berkeley, I decided that writing about them would help. 1. Black
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In season: ripening strawberry trees

Student group meetings are not the only place to get free food on campus. Out in the Berkeley hills the Indian summer is unraveling, making it a sweet time to forage wild bay leaves and blackberries. But those aren’t the only things in season, and you don’t need to go
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Blood orange and cardamom gelato at Lush Gelato

Tucked-away novelties at Lush Gelato

I never thought that I could find another Ici in Berkeley that was closer to where I lived, but it’s possible. Walking around the Gourmet Ghetto last weekend, I decided to check out that small food-courtlike area, where I’d been before but somehow failed to notice the gelato shop in
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