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Dining on a dime

During winter break, many of us stuffed our faces with delicacies priced far beyond the allowances of our bank accounts. Now that we’re back, though, the only thing to your name is the $20 you found in a pair of pants while doing laundry (score!). Yet, friends are asking left and right to
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Our 3 favorite coffee shops

Here at the Clog, we drink so much coffee that we’re surprised it hasn’t replaced the blood in our bodies. Feeling tired? Coffee. Midday slump? Coffee. Need to stay up to finish writing that paper? Coffee. Thirsty? Coffee. Hot out? Iced coffee. Freezing cold out? Hot coffee. Coffee, coffee and
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Celias veggie burrito 1

Search for the best vegetarian burrito: Celia’s edition

We at the Clog have once again decided to make a foray outside The Daily Californian office in an attempt to find the best vegetarian burrito within walking distance of UC Berkeley. Because we have little time to eat in between writing groundbreaking articles, we walked down the block to Celia’s
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Search for the best vegetarian burrito: La Burrita edition

Everyone loves a good burrito, whether it’s carne asada or covered in sauce and cheese — there’s no denying the thrall a tortilla-wrapped bean and cheese has on us all. But when one is a vegetarian, the options can become rather limited. Therefore, the vegetarian contingent at The Daily Clog have
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Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in Berkeley

June is National Candy Month, which gives you the perfect excuse to break your diet (and your budget) so that you can indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. We at the Clog know that a sugar craving must be fulfilled at all costs, which is why we have found some
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How to navigate Chipotle’s menu

We at the Daily Clog are not ashamed to admit that we often frequent the house of the original burrito bowl — Chipotle. Our time spent at Chipotle has been focused on navigating the many options available, options which most people know nothing about. There seems to be a misconception
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