Where should you treat yourself after studying?

Every semester, we go into dead week with the same elaborately color-coded study schedules and fridges stocked with healthy snacks. We tell ourselves, “This semester is going to be different.” We tell ourselves we aren’t going to eat only Apple Jacks for the next ten days. We tell ourselves we
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I <3 In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out finally coming to Berkeley!

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: In-N-Out is coming to the city of Berkeley! Our cries have finally been heard, and our prayers answered. Grab your friends and grab your appetites, because the franchise is set to open in the summer. No exact date has been announced yet. Rumor
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Maggie Soun/File

Best places to eat alone around Berkeley

It’s the weekend, and you need to get food. You most likely do not want to go alone, but you’ve already texted all of your friends, and they already have plans. So you make the trek out of your house and to a restaurant — but which one? Below are
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5 of the best brunch spots in Berkeley

Slept until noon but still want breakfast? Well, brunch is certainly the most important meal of the day (as declared by us!). Venture out this weekend and try some of the delicious brunch spots Berkeley has to offer! 1. Elmwood Cafe: If you’re in the mood for a light but filling
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A sweet overview of Berkeley’s candy shops

Ah, candy. One of the best inventions in the world. Let’s be real — we all pretty much feel like this fish dude from SpongeBob when it comes to sugar. It’s no surprise that capitalist America has recognized this demand for sugar, targeted it and profited in a major way
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Menchie’s vs. Yogurtland: a side-by-side comparison

It’s the age-old question that has plagued scholars for centuries: Where to get self-serve froyo? At UC Berkeley, there are two fierce competitors that face off head to head and divide the student body into factions more segregated than the Confederacy and the Union. Menchie’s, a Northside favorite, and Yogurtland, a Southside hot
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Fall flavors at Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic is one of those treats that is delicious all year long. With an insane number of icings and toppings to choose from, the do-it-yourself cinnamon bun shop is a true Berkeley gem. These sweet little buns are entirely vegan, making them much easier to digest than your typical Cinnabon
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Javi’s Cooking: traditional Argentine cuisine

Javi Sandes, an Oakland-based chef, is both co-founder of the first-ever Argentinian food truck as well as a thriving local culinary mogul. While he searches for the perfect spot to open up his future restaurant, to be called Javi’s Parilla, he keeps himself busy by catering his mouthwatering empanadas to
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The quest for the best breakfast burrito near campus

During my last three years at UC Berkeley, I have spent my time — like many other college students — hunting for knowledge. From listening to lectures on plant physiology to talks on the driving forces behind climate change to seminars on Egyptian history, I have acquired more new information than
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