The funniest Yelp reviews for Bay Area restaurants

“Let’s try someplace new!” This excited statement is inevitably followed by a perusal of Yelp reviews of the surrounding area and an increasingly heated round of “you decide,” “no, you decide.” On the whole, Yelp reviews are informative but not the most entertaining. But there are a few lonesome gems amongst
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Sweet Leaf cafe: delicious Turkish breakfast

Having a close Turkish friend means I get to indulge in many parts of delicious Turkish cuisine, from Turkish coffee to Turkish Kitchen on Shattuck Avenue. Recently, my friend introduced me to Turkish breakfast at Sweet Leaf Cafe. At the cafe, we ate freshly baked simit paired with an assortment of
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Where to get your Indian food fix

Do you remember being woken up early on a Saturday morning from the warm, sweet aroma of freshly cooked dosas wafting through your house? Those were the days, and oh, how we took them for granted. Those were the days when your mom cooked your favorite Indian dishes and packed
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Annie Chang/Staff

Belli Osteria: artisanal pasta at its finest

The small, cozy and comfortable space does a great job enhancing Belli Osteria, a beautiful tavern. The Shattuck Avenue restaurant is located near many other gourmet restaurants, but it features some of the best Italian cuisine around because of its focus on pasta. Executive chef, Paul Oprescu, had a Romanian childhood involving hunting,
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Sika Gasinu, Josephine/Courtesy

Home-cooked food from Josephine

As small-scale farming and organic sectors become more important in our agro-food systems today, more and more attention is paid to the specific ingredients in the food we eat every day. Josephine, co-founded by Charley Wang and Tal Safran, provides home-cooked, fresh, authentic and affordable meals for people in our
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A review of 5 places to get Mexican food in Berkeley

I took a trip around town to visit a few popular Mexican food restaurants and decided to rank them. This ranking was formulated on a one to 10 scale, one being the least satisfactory and 10 being the most. The ratings are based on my evaluation of what I believe are the
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Comal: a gourmet taste of Mexico for the unique palate

Comal is one of the few gourmet Mexican restaurants in Berkeley. At first, it seems like a small, cozy restaurant, but it expands into a large, 170-seat escape once you enter. Its mood lighting and polished wood-color theme give it an atmosphere like that of an upscale bar, though it is
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