Eureka! to open in Berkeley

Eureka! is scheduled to open in Berkeley Oct. 28 at 2068 Center St. The grand opening will be in November. Starting in 2009 in Redlands, Southern California, the Eureka! enterprise has established itself as a burger restaurant with a higher-end atmosphere and gourmet food at an affordable price. All items on
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Filter drip coffee with Ethiopian coffee from the Bulga mill, at Local 123. Image by Annie Chang (staff).

Top 4 local coffee shops in the Bay

For those of us who get tired of frequenting Caffe Strada and Cafe Milano and need to spice up our coffee variations, there are more slightly hidden but still outstanding coffee shops in Berkeley and San Francisco that may suit your fancy. 1. Babette Cafe (2625 Durant Avenue, Berkeley) This
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Cookie Butter is the new Nutella

So I’ve got a new obsession. It’s called cookie butter. Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself, how could a cookie possibly be transformed into a decadent jar of spreadable goodness? To be honest, I don’t know how Trader Joe’s, the manufacturers and (stop me if I’m going to
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5 ways to vamp up that vegan burger at Crossroads

Eating at Crossroads is hard. Eating vegan at Crossroads is hard. Let’s be real — being vegan in general is pretty hard. It doesn’t take long before you get sick of the options Crossroads has to offer — there are only so many days you can eat salad with hummus
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DIY project: Homemade almond milk

Previously, Eating Berkeley praised the flavor of and gave tips on what to do with the almond, a popular type of nut that can be found in many places, from Hershey’s chocolate bars to the pantries of nut lovers. The trend has only been growing as the dairy aisle experiences the
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5 moments when you realize, coffee loves me!

1. It’s the evening before a midterm, and you need to get through the last episodes of “Breaking Bad” before you can focus and really study. So you go down the street and order a cup of coffee. 2. It’s a grand sunny morning in Tuscany. After brushing your teeth
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Image courtesy of Hodo Soy Beanery.

A quick look at why Hodo Soy tofu is delicious

Started by Minh Tsai in 2004, Hodo Soy Beanery has grown from a small business selling at Palo Alto Farmers’ Markets to the ever growing company it is today with their products in places ranging from Berkeley Bowl to Chipotle. The people at Hodo Soy Beanery take pride in creating
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Image by John Ragai under Creative Commons

10 food events worth checking out in October

Looking for something to do after midterms? How about some food? Berkeley has 10 events this month that just might make your stomach happy and lighten your spirit! 1. Foods of the Americas exhibit Oct. 2 to 18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: UC Botanical Garden A display of
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Rose tuocha at Far Leaves.

The best among 4 tea houses in Berkeley

What contains enough caffeine to help you plow through the midterms but also keeps your brain relaxed in a meditating state? Tea. Tea contains theanine, which reduces mental stress and boosts cognitive functioning. But forget all that boring chemistry! Just ditch your coffee, drink tea and see for yourself how
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Cranberry crumb bar at the Berkeley Student Food Collective. Photo by Josh Escobar.

4 autumn treats around campus

Blackberries, oranges, grapes and walnuts are all in season. Check out these scrumptious treats that you can have for breakfast or during a study break. All of them cost less than $5 and can be found a block from campus! Mixed berry scones at Babette These gluten-free scones, available on
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