Image by Doug DuCap under Creative Commons.

Cook with confidence!

Recipes. To some, they are the bane of creativity; to others, they are a safety net that gives them the confidence to experiment in making new dishes. However, recipes can, at times, lock certain people into a preconceived notion of what one must do to make “good food.” Ultimately, “good
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DIY project: Baking black sesame cake

Ever since I first tried black sesame buns in high school, I fell in love with black sesame desserts. I fantasized about black sesame cake, butter, cookies, macarons and bread. Two months ago, after talking to my mother about the vast possibilities for black sesame and joking around about opening
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A Feastly dinner. Image courtesy of Feastly.

Feastly offers a platform for cooks and eaters to gather

For amateur cooks who want to test the water before opening their first restaurant, Feastly is a platform that allows them to communicate with food-enthusiast strangers and showcase their talent. Feastly also benefits diners who want to seek something other than the typical restaurant experience. The Feastly platform — which
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The graciousness of a meal

Be positive, shine bright, be happy, relax, and slow down. Cafe Gratitude reminded these ideologies in me with its highly self-re-affirming and encouraging menu names, such as “I Am Terrific” and “I Am Thriving”. As stated on its website, the organic vegan restaurant practices “Sacred Commerce”, which ties to the
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Annie Chang/File

Addicted to Cinnaholic

There is a huge dilemma for those who walk into Cinnaholic: It is almost impossible to decide which combination of frosting and toppings you want! There are so many: 28 frosting flavors and 25 toppings, including seasonal ones. On top of that, there are eight specialty rolls that are already
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Image by Dinner Series under Creative Commons.

DIY project: Homemade bacon!

What goes well with hearty breakfasts? Bacon. What is essential in BLT sandwiches? Bacon. What’s not the epitome of healthy but shamelessly and insanely good that a huge part of America’s population is simply infatuated with it? BACON. Are you salivating yet? And above all – what is better than
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No cauliflower were harmed in the shooting of this photo.

Kitchen Tips: Cooking for a lot of people

“There’s a lot room for mistakes when you cook for so many people. Remember: It’s not just about taste. It’s about feeding everyone,” said Rose DeNicola, Student Food Manager at Kingman Hall. Your club may be having a potluck or your friend a birthday party. In any case, it’s up
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Sun cake. Image by Annie Chang.

Four Taiwanese pastries to look for

Going through old photos of friends and family celebrating the Chinese New Year, I yearn to go back to Taiwan more and more everyday. I crave Taiwanese pastries and breads, and since many cannot be found fresh here in Berkeley, I decided that writing about them would help. 1. Black
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Josh Escobar/File

Desco in Old Oakland

Last night I was invited to a customary media dinner for two at Desco in Old Oakland. Desco is the new, refined Italian restaurant a block west of 9th Street and Broadway. For a guest, I brought my roommate, Cameron Hearne, who was moving out soon. We talked what we
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