Macarons and hot chocolate at Tout Sweet Patisserie

Tucked into the third floor of Macy’s department store in Union Square is the delicious Tout Sweet Patisserie. Started by pastry chef Yigit Pura and the owners of Taste Catering and Event Planning, the shop offers pastry selections ranging from French macarons to layered parfaits and packaged gifts. The store
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Latin American cultural catering at Cafe La Pena

In Berkeley, La Pena Cultural Center and Cafe La Pena are cultural hubs for showcasing art and cuisine with a strong emphasis on Latin American countries. The cultural center has strong historical ties and was started in 1975 as a response to the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende. Through the
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Fondue Fred: a meal to be shared with friends

Sometimes you’re in need of a restaurant where you can pig out on something other than the usual pizza or burger. You might also want to enjoy a semi-formal atmosphere you can’t usually obtain from the dining hall or pizza joint around the corner. In those moments, we think Fondue Fred is
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Too lazy to cook? Eat your 3 meals from a mug

When pots and pans are too much effort and eating off of a plate seems unappealing, reach for a coffee mug instead. These quick recipes, aggregated from various blogs, will save you dish-washing and cooking time while still delivering on flavor. Go ahead and have your three meals each day
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Quick recipe: homemade crepes

Pancakes and waffles are age-old breakfast traditions, but wherever I go, crepes always leave the best impression. They’re great for any time of the day, and you can make them healthy, pig-out-worthy or a mixture of both. The basic crepe requires only six ingredients and some water. It’s so easy
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7 hot drinks to help you endure the winter

Cold weather has rolled into Berkeley, and it’s here to stay for a while. As the wind continuously bites at your face, you’ll probably start craving something hot to fight back. Here are some drinks to start downing. 1. Chai tea Chai tea is renowned for its beneficial effects on
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5 foods that will help you fight the flu

The flu and the finals are both coming, and you want to stay strong against them. Consume these five foods as much as you can. 1. Whole grains Whole grains are packed with zinc, calcium, iron and fiber, which are all integral to a healthy body. Although many think whole-grain
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Saltado de Vegetales Champinones y Arroz (sautéed vegetables with white rice and a beef and pasta soup) at Arriba Peru.

The tucked-away Arriba Peru

My friends and I discovered Arriba Peru on a whim. While we had originally intended to spend our Saturday brunch at another restaurant, which turned out to be closed, we did not regret our decision to eat at this quaint little Peruvian restaurant, which is tucked away in a small
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