An ode to Kip’s

For whatever reason, at Kip’s o’ clock, the whole world bows its head and zombie-walks over to Telegraph Avenue and Durant Avenue. You may wonder when exactly Kip’s o’ clock is , but if you look inside your heart, you will find the answer.
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Chocolate banana bread for any occasion

Few things in this world are better than some warm banana bread, fresh out of the oven. It’s essentially cake that can be eaten in the morning with no questions asked or eyebrows raised, and who doesn’t love that?
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Love and La Val’s

Hallmarks of romance could be found all over Berkeley yesterday. Plenty of people walked to and from class carrying flowers, stuffed animals and candy, but one person took it upon himself to make a pizza-gram for his sweetheart. Daily Cal ad sales staff member Lila was at La Val’s with
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Mediterranean feel, New American execution at Zut!

Taking in the variety of cuisines on Berkeley’s Fourth Street requires one to have a certain curiosity. It also depends on the time of day; the mood and feel of every restaurant on the upscale shopping avenue shifts between lunch and dinner. Zut! is no exception to this.
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Cheeseboard and Chez Panisse

Welcome to Eating Berkeley

This blog is for you, Berkeley. We’ll feature the very best food that this city and the Bay Area has to offer as well as help you eat just as well while at home. We’ll take you into the kitchens of some of your favorite restaurants and into our own modest apartments. We’ll tell you what makes us hungry, and we hope you’ll do the same.
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A pear and Gorgonzola cheese pizza is do-able right in your dorm kitchen.

Dorm Cooking: Easy pear and Gorgonzola pizza

After moving into the residence halls last fall along with thousands of other freshmen, I had gotten a little sick of monotonous dining commons food and am running out of money to spend on eating out. So what’s the best way to combat this culinary crisis? The solution, I recently discovered, lies right in your very own residence hall.
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Coffee and coastal vibes at Nefeli Cafe

During the day, they prop open their main front window and the door to the back. Within the long narrowed space, the air circulates. Along with the tempered Greek folk art, the feeling is as if you were somewhere coastal.
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