Image by Mai Truong/staff.

5 foods that can and will improve your life

1. Garlic Garlic is delicious on bread, in pasta and, to be completely frank, in most things, but did you know that garlic is good for you? Beyond being a great breath freshener, garlic also is known to help regulate blood pressure, and it is rich in vitamins A, B
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Mixed drinks: Autumn Spike

Warm nights, yellow leaves and cloudy days mark the beginning of fall in the Bay Area — a time of windy nights, midterms and football games. What better way to wind down in the evening than with a cup of Eating Berkeley’s very own concoction? Autumn Spike is a brew of cinnamon, anise
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Trattoria Corso is well worth a reservation

Hidden on Shattuck Avenue, Trattoria Corso is easy to miss in a passing glance. I never noticed it until six months ago while I was walking slowly on the other side of the road and happened to notice windows with “Corso” written on them. Once I got back to my
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Purple Kow_2 cups

How does Purple Kow live up to our boba expectations?

Purple Kow has “moooooo”ved in (the pun was irresistible), and Eating Berkeley has finally found the time to stop by this relatively new boba craze in town before its ridiculous “temporary” close time at 6 p.m. — 6 p.m.!!! — Monday through Thursday and the slightly more reasonable 8 p.m. Friday through
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Image by Doug DuCap under Creative Commons.

Cook with confidence!

Recipes. To some, they are the bane of creativity; to others, they are a safety net that gives them the confidence to experiment in making new dishes. However, recipes can, at times, lock certain people into a preconceived notion of what one must do to make “good food.” Ultimately, “good
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DIY project: Baking black sesame cake

Ever since I first tried black sesame buns in high school, I fell in love with black sesame desserts. I fantasized about black sesame cake, butter, cookies, macarons and bread. Two months ago, after talking to my mother about the vast possibilities for black sesame and joking around about opening
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A Feastly dinner. Image courtesy of Feastly.

Feastly offers a platform for cooks and eaters to gather

For amateur cooks who want to test the water before opening their first restaurant, Feastly is a platform that allows them to communicate with food-enthusiast strangers and showcase their talent. Feastly also benefits diners who want to seek something other than the typical restaurant experience. The Feastly platform — which
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The graciousness of a meal

Be positive, shine bright, be happy, relax, and slow down. Cafe Gratitude reminded these ideologies in me with its highly self-re-affirming and encouraging menu names, such as “I Am Terrific” and “I Am Thriving”. As stated on its website, the organic vegan restaurant practices “Sacred Commerce”, which ties to the
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Annie Chang/File

Addicted to Cinnaholic

There is a huge dilemma for those who walk into Cinnaholic: It is almost impossible to decide which combination of frosting and toppings you want! There are so many: 28 frosting flavors and 25 toppings, including seasonal ones. On top of that, there are eight specialty rolls that are already
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