Image by Dinner Series under Creative Commons.

DIY project: Homemade bacon!

What goes well with hearty breakfasts? Bacon. What is essential in BLT sandwiches? Bacon. What’s not the epitome of healthy but shamelessly and insanely good that a huge part of America’s population is simply infatuated with it? BACON. Are you salivating yet? And above all – what is better than
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No cauliflower were harmed in the shooting of this photo.

Kitchen Tips: Cooking for a lot of people

“There’s a lot room for mistakes when you cook for so many people. Remember: It’s not just about taste. It’s about feeding everyone,” said Rose DeNicola, Student Food Manager at Kingman Hall. Your club may be having a potluck or your friend a birthday party. In any case, it’s up
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Sun cake. Image by Annie Chang.

Four Taiwanese pastries to look for

Going through old photos of friends and family celebrating the Chinese New Year, I yearn to go back to Taiwan more and more everyday. I crave Taiwanese pastries and breads, and since many cannot be found fresh here in Berkeley, I decided that writing about them would help. 1. Black
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Josh Escobar/File

Desco in Old Oakland

Last night I was invited to a customary media dinner for two at Desco in Old Oakland. Desco is the new, refined Italian restaurant a block west of 9th Street and Broadway. For a guest, I brought my roommate, Cameron Hearne, who was moving out soon. We talked what we
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A taste of Turkey in downtown Berkeley

Ever since my Turkish friend took me to Turkish Kitchen, I knew I needed to go there often. Situated on Shattuck Avenue, it almost blends in with the other restaurants and shops, but what stood out were the mouth-watering photos of dishes displayed on a sign in front of the
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Lamb kofta, roasted eggplant and beet salad

Flavor Mediterranean Food: a new addition in North Berkeley

Hidden amongst various take-out stalls that line the walls of North Berkeley’s Epicurious Garden lays one of city’s newest culinary gems. Flavor Mediterranean Food, tucked away in the back corner of this “one-stop-shop for gourmet take-out,” is serving up a fresh and delicious combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.
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In season: ripening strawberry trees

Student group meetings are not the only place to get free food on campus. Out in the Berkeley hills the Indian summer is unraveling, making it a sweet time to forage wild bay leaves and blackberries. But those aren’t the only things in season, and you don’t need to go
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San Francisco: Nespresso Boutique Bar

My parents bought a Nespresso machine a couple of years ago. The coffee is packed into small capsules, and the capsules come in a variety of 16 different flavors, which are called Grand Crus. The grand crus have exotic names, ranging from a lighter Cosi to a stronger and darker
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Caesar salad with house pickled sardines, cherry tomatoes, red furled mustard and bread crumbs

Ravioli and a bit of Bologna at Belli Osteria

Belli Osteria is a restaurant near the southeast corner of Shattuck and University avenues that specializes in ravioli. The ravioli is made daily by hand, and each ravioli is unique for each type of sauce and filling. The menu changes weekly, as the chefs are always coming up with new
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Vegan burger at Saturn Cafe

As I’m a huge fan of anything pink and sparkly, the interior of Saturn Cafe in Berkeley caught my attention as soon as I walked in. This was no ordinary-looking diner — the walls were hot pink, and the columns around the restaurant were made of silver sparkles. The back
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