Start your weekend off with a Cadillac margarita

It’s Friday night, and after a nice warm day in Berkeley, what better way is there to cool down than with a margarita? One of our favorites is the Cadillac margarita, which is as easy to make as it is to drink. Cadillac Margarita 1-2 shots tequila 1 lime, squeezed
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For some, La Val's is just a place to have lunch. For others, it's a home away from home.

Finding my place in Berkeley

The night before I visited UC Berkeley for the first time, a family friend handed me a handwritten list. “This is everywhere you need to eat,” he said. “There are a lot of choices out there, but these are the ones that I remember after 30 years.”
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Nicely grilled Loch Duart salmon, still moist inside, on braised leeks, with olive oil mashed potatoes and black truffle butter.

Finding French comfort at Bistro Liaison

Although Bistro Liaison may not be suitable for the everyday lunch rush because of both its price and its atmosphere, it’s the kind of place to consider when you want to pat yourself on the back, or treat someone special for a warm evening.
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An ode to Kip’s

For whatever reason, at Kip’s o’ clock, the whole world bows its head and zombie-walks over to Telegraph Avenue and Durant Avenue. You may wonder when exactly Kip’s o’ clock is , but if you look inside your heart, you will find the answer.
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Chocolate banana bread for any occasion

Few things in this world are better than some warm banana bread, fresh out of the oven. It’s essentially cake that can be eaten in the morning with no questions asked or eyebrows raised, and who doesn’t love that?
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Love and La Val’s

Hallmarks of romance could be found all over Berkeley yesterday. Plenty of people walked to and from class carrying flowers, stuffed animals and candy, but one person took it upon himself to make a pizza-gram for his sweetheart. Daily Cal ad sales staff member Lila was at La Val’s with
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