Thanh Long's two-pound crabs, roughly one-fourth of which are meat, are tossed in garlic and butter to perfection.

Dungeness crab in the city, by the bay

Dungeness crab season is on. It was delayed twice in the Pacific Northwest because the crabs there weren’t big enough, but not here in the Bay Area. What my companions and I got a few weeks ago were two-pound crabs, roughly one-fourth of which were meat, tossed in garlic and
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In search of the Bay Area’s best macarons

One of my favorite food groups is macarons even though they are neither healthy nor an actual food group. Because they are so near and dear to my heart, I went on a trip around the Bay Area to sample macarons, a trip that yielded some delicious and some not-so-delicious
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The double chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate ice cream and chocolate almond bark at Red Fish Grill was cooked to order, and it came puffy and inflated like a successful souffle

Reflecting on New Orleans cuisine

When I found out that my family was going to New Orleans for a week during winter break, I immediately started looking up delicious restaurants and specialty dishes. The first full day I was there, I was not about to pass up any chance to try the local fare.
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How cute is that pasta!

Make your own ravioli meal entirely from scratch

If there are two things everyone (except vegans) likes, it’s pasta and cheese. Put them together, and life is complete — thus ravioli was born. Even better is homemade ravioli, but it’s usually only found in a grandmother’s kitchen or the finest Italian restaurants. My friend Adriana told me making ricotta cheese,
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