DeCal aims to involve students in Operational Excellence

In an ongoing effort to increase student involvement in UC Berkeley’s cost-cutting Operational Excellence initiative, student government leaders will launch a new DeCal class in September that will give students the option of working directly on initiative projects or conducting research projects. On Sept. 6, about 20 graduate and undergraduate
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An estimated 1500 people attended Greek Carnival on Lower Sproul on Monday evening.

How much weight can Lower Sproul take?

Four months ago, UC Berkeley engineers and administrators — fearing that excessive weight could cause damage to the garage below — refused to allow any vehicle larger than a golf cart drive across the Lower Sproul Plaza. Monday night, approximately 1,500 Greek-curious students — whose combined weight far outstrips that
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UC releases 2010 payroll data

The UC’s 2010 annual payroll report, published Wednesday, revealed a continuing decline in state funding for UC pay as payroll funding from federal government sources and teaching hospitals increased.In 2010, less than a third of funding for systemwide compensation came from state funds and educational fees, according to the report.The
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