An apple a day: Healthy for all?

Have you ever looked down the aisle in a grocery store and wondered, “How did all of this get here?” When considering processed foods, the answer can be rather long and complicated. In the produce section, however, one would think that fruits and vegetables would have an easily identifiable source. Read More…

‘If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out’

Subliminal Signification


During the last few weeks, I have been tuned in on NBC’s The Voice, a nationwide singing competition in the form of reality television. The Voice features music coaches Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher, and Adam Levine. Read More…

Cs get degrees, literally

The Millennial Meltdown

Elizabeth Klingen/Staff

With the collar of my blue Costco-brand fleece jacket popped, pristine white velcro Skechers securely fastened, freshly laundered Stanford tube socks pulled up within flirting distance of my kneecaps (they have since been burned), I was ready to go through the typical third grade motions. Read More…

The one in a million

Ask Me Anyway


It’s really intimidating having to constantly meet and impress and appeal to people in both a professional and personal sense. How do you stand out from everyone else? Competition is always going to be high in places such as Berkeley, where literally everyone is a perfect and qualified genius and Read More…


The liberal label

Subliminal Signification

During my first six weeks at UC Berkeley, I learned about the Zapatistas and their resistance to neoliberalism in Mexico in my Chicano studies class. My immediate reaction was, wait, isn’t liberalism good? Read More…


Meditating beside the giant, stone Buddha

Subliminal Signification

Religion, it seems, is maudlin, restrictive and imposing. We learn it as something to be tolerated, not accepted. Society rarely lifts the veil of paranoid reading on religion, and it also seems that the conversations among different communities of varying degrees and kinds of faith never quite happen. Read More…

Meg Elison

How to write a commencement speech

The Berkeley Bucket List

Open a Word document. The enormity of what’s about to happen and change will balloon before you like an airbag deploying in slow motion. Write out a list of cliches, overwrought quotes, admonitions about the future and reminders about the oyster-nature of the world. Select all. Delete. Start over. The Read More…


In a relationship far, far away

Ask Me Anyway

How do you handle a long-distance relationship? Let’s be real, long-distance relationships freaking suck. There is absolutely no freaking fathomable reason for any sane person on the entire freaking planet to suffer through a long-distance relationship, except for one: You want to. But before you think I’m just a single Read More…