I was wrong, Alaska is surreal

Emilia Malachowski/Staff

When my mom mentioned this May that we were possibly going on a 15-day trip to Alaska, I had to admit I was hesitant. Part of the trip included a weeklong cruise, which I was not too thrilled about because I have a history of awful experiences with boats. As soon
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Girl meets world: Paris

Moyan Brenn/Creative Commons

When I was in elementary school, my father asked where I would travel if I could pick any place in the world. I immediately answered with “Paris,” because it seemed unattainable; it looked so beautiful in pictures, like something that only existed in a fairy-tale world. Ten years later, at the end of
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I left my comfort zone in Edinburgh

Kelsi Krandel/Staff

The most nervous I can remember being in a long time was staring between the clock and the door from my seat on the bus, just minutes before it was due to leave for Scotland. There wasn’t a lot of help available for my friends and travel buddies this late
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Reflections before moving to Japan

I’m an American moving to Japan and while I’m very excited to go overseas, I’ve still got a lot to process. For the past month, I would tell people that I’m going to Japan, which made the prospect seem very far off. By using the word “going,” I meant, “eventually” — as in,
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Point Reyes: a house trip

My housemates decided to go camping at Point Reyes National Seashore over the summer. It turned out to be the perfect get-away-from-everything trip because the only thing close to civilization was a hole in the ground, aka a “toilet”. Throughout our trip, we marveled at Mother Nature’s beauty, which might be hard
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Journey through Armenia: a photo essay

This summer I embarked on my 14th trip to Armenia. Unlike past visits, this time I didn’t go with my family. Instead I went with friends on a mission to volunteer in my motherland. Located in the Southern Caucasus on the cusp of Europe and Asia, Armenia is one of the oldest
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Life lessons from Barcelona

The thing about going from London to Barcelona in July is that you don’t realize that you’d forgotten what heat really feels like. Even late at night, I might as well have stepped off the plane and into a sauna. Summers in London are mild and cloudy. Needless to say, that’s
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Iced coffee in Croatia

“In the mornings, we do not do the cold coffee,” Mateja explains to me in the tiny kitchen as I pour an inch of hot water over the instant coffee and sugar in my mug, add cold milk to it and then push it to the back of the fridge
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Exploring Central Europe: Slovenia week 2

I watched a lightning storm over Croatia last week — that’s a sentence I never imagined I’d write. From our cabin on the outskirts of Slovenska Bistrica, we stood on the balcony, shoulder to shoulder, and watched the clouds roll in ominously, with thunder and lightning clambering in thickly behind.
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