A day in Deutschland

Germany 6
Carina Zhao/Staff

I have fantasized about my first trip to Europe since I was a little girl. Gondola rides through Venice, sipping an espresso on a random, perfect street corner with a view of the Eiffel Tower, shopping in London, visiting the Louvre — just your average ol’ American’s dream of attempting to
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Canada: land of mountains

Canada 4
Yinan Su/Staff

Lakes, mountains, black bears and an awareness of how small my perspective of the world really is: These are the things I experienced in Canada’s Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. My lack of an international cell phone service plan forced me to pay attention to my surroundings and observe without distraction, and for that
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Beyond the desert: my view from Israel

Every aspect of traveling to Israel, a country so unbelievably rich with religious and cultural history, is different. While I was certainly aware of the political turmoil and security concerns of recent years — I must admit, being immediately interrogated at the airport terminal wasn’t the most reassuring start to my
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Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.05.31 PM

Highway to hurling

The four of us stood in the dark for 10 or so minutes waiting for the gas to finish pumping. Graeme had a feast of chocolate trail mix, Will was slumped over, Dermot was saying something in Irish, and I was waiting for the caffeine to digest so I could
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shit shack 4

Chesapeake Bay: a ‘Shitventure’

Every year, my friends and I make the arduous journey down to Kilmarnock, Virginia for a weekend at my father’s small vacation home, which we affectionately call the “Shit Shack.” Objectively, it sucks. Kilmarnock is on the Northern Neck of Virginia. This piece of land sits between the mouth of
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Portland rose garden

Portland: city of quirk

With plane tickets graciously gifted to us from Southwest — because of an eight-hour flight delay — my boyfriend and I were off to explore a small portion of the Pacific Northwest. We expected Portland to be a more extreme version of the Bay Area, albeit with colder, wetter weather
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IB 157 students walk along the coast to the Monterey cypress grove at Point Lobos State Reserve.

Are we there yet? A road trip to Monterey

Finals are out, summer is in and all we want is to take a break from Berkeley. Rather than going to a big, bustling city and having to pay expensive rates for a plane ticket, we at the Clog recommend taking a road trip down to the beautiful Monterey County.
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Observations about Denmark

After a month and a half in Denmark, spending the majority of my time commuting between the suburb of Helsingor, where I live, into the city of Copenhagen, where I attend classes, I’ve picked up on a few key characteristics that make Copenhagen, and the Danes, different from Berkeley and
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