A spontaneous week in Zion National Park


I was invited to spend last week in Zion National Park in Utah with friends from high school whom I hadn’t seen in two years. The invite came via SnapChat and was at first taken to be a joke. I assumed the dates were in August, considering they came so close to
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Madrid week two: Holy Toledo

toledo 1
Erin Alexander/Staff

The heat in Madrid will not subside. I’ve seen over a dozen Miami Heat jerseys since arriving, which forcefully remind me of its inescapability. But despite the temperature, Spain’s delicious and inexpensive cafe con leche has become a vital part of my daily routine. After a short siesta — which
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Amsterdam and Paris: a tale of two cities

Kelsi Krandel/Staff

The first thing I noticed about Amsterdam was that our cab was a Tesla. Your taxi’s make and model aren’t things you think about, like, ever. But when your first experience in a new place involves a (pretty attractive) driver in a suave gray suit and tie whisking you away to your
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Ireland: a musical journey

Karen Lin/Staff

As a music lover, I found Dublin, Ireland the perfect choice for studying and interning abroad. The Irish consider music great craic (“entertainment,” to those of you who’ve never spent time on the island). The Irish’s love for music has made the cities famous for their street performers and pub
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DC 4

The city of magnificent intention

The deafening siren of my alarm pierced my eardrum until I reluctantly shuffled my arm in search for the source of sound. With only half an eye open, I deciphered the numbers that glowed but two feet away from me — 4:30 a.m. My stomach plummeted. My roommate and I
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The islands of privilege

Everything smells of coconut. The fresh towels they give us on the boat, the air I breathe in as I step onto the island, and the ice cream we are greeted with at reception. I close my eyes and smile. This trip was the result of a unanimous family decision
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Erin Alexander/Staff

Summer abroad: my first week in Madrid

After an exhausting 15-hour journey from Miami, Florida to Madrid, Spain, I finally manage to make it to the center of the city to the student residence where I’ll be spending the next five weeks. It is roughly 4 p.m. on Calle San Bernardo, and the street is hot and empty. I
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Germany 6

A day in Deutschland

I have fantasized about my first trip to Europe since I was a little girl. Gondola rides through Venice, sipping an espresso on a random, perfect street corner with a view of the Eiffel Tower, shopping in London, visiting the Louvre — just your average ol’ American’s dream of attempting to
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Canada 4

Canada: land of mountains

Lakes, mountains, black bears and an awareness of how small my perspective of the world really is: These are the things I experienced in Canada’s Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. My lack of an international cell phone service plan forced me to pay attention to my surroundings and observe without distraction, and for that
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Disney World

Walt Disney World: The kids are all right … I guess

The heat. The relentless, unforgiving heat. I can hardly keep my eyes open as heavy droplets of sweat trickle from my forehead to my eyelashes. My legs are slick and glistening, like the ones attached to a well-oiled supermodel. (Except I am not a model, and the oil is my
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