Beautiful Barcelona

Gillian Perry/Staff

A city ruled by the friendly people, beautiful architecture and incredible cuisine, Barcelona is a hotspot for any Spanish vacation; though Spanish isn’t exactly spoken in Barcelona. That was our first realization as my family attempted to chat up our cab driver from the airport. We learned that the natives
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More than just potato farms

kayak lake
Allison David/Staff

In the beginning of this summer I got the chance to visit Idaho with my family. I had never visited and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I seriously didn’t even know where it was located on a map, and I found myself quickly getting it confused with Iowa or any other “irrelevant” state. Everyone is constantly filled with thoughts of Idaho growing potatoes, and frankly that’s the only thing I had known about it prior to my visit.
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Flying high, flying low

Emilia Malachowski/File

Now that it’s summer break, many of us will be traveling to cool places or returning home. If that’s the case you’ll probably be taking a flight to your destination. Anyone who’s flown on a plane before will be able to relate to these experiences.
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Ramadan abroad

Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba
Raeline Valbuena/Staff

It’s my last week in Granada. Having been here just shy of five weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to make new friends with some of the most genuinely lovable and perceptive people I’ve ever met. Because it’s currently Ramadan, one of the happiest and most reflective months for Muslims around the
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Golden Gate

SF day trip: Guide to Golden Gate

By now, most of us have experienced the “touristy” parts of San Fransisco, from the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Wharf to Union Square. With summer upon us, there’s no better time than now to venture out a bit further into the city. For your next San Francisco day trip, grab some friends and head over to the Northwest side of the city, just hugging the Golden Gate Bridge. Don’t know what to do there? Here are some ideas for fun activities in Golden Gate Park, the Presidio and the Marina. If you’re wondering — yes, they can all be done in one day. Just remember to grab some breakfast before you head out.
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The Clog’s guide to over-packing

We Bears may have hibernated all year, but now that summer is in full swing, we’re leaving our dens and traveling all over the world. Leaving our cozy homes and college apartments is always exciting and nerve-wracking, especially since the world outside of the Berkeley bubble is so different. The
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Allison David/Staff

Portland: Hipsters and foodies welcome

Portland is often painted as a city filled with hippies and tree huggers, which is somewhat true, but there’s so much more to the city than what meets the eye. Hailing from such a chaotic and bustling city like Los Angeles, coming to Portland, which is mostly a newly built city, was somewhat of a shock to me. Compared to a hodge podge city like Los Angeles, Portland seemed insanely organized when I was met with its clear-cut biker-friendly lanes and its highly planned public parks and playgrounds.
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Why we travel

Excitement, adventure, fun — traveling encapsulates these words. And traveling has always had this attractive, romantic aura surrounding it. During the summer, we have time to reflect on what interests us besides our studies, and travel is just one way to satisfy your inquisitive mind. Here are a few of the
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Spain Grenada

Distance makes the heart grow squandered

When I realized I would be spending the summer in Spain, I was beyond overjoyed. Since high school history class, I have been curiously attracted to the Spanish Empire, and my memories of earlier visits are varnished in a sentiment of young love. Although I have spent less than a week in Granada, I have already realized that studying and admiring Spain from afar (especially from America) could only cultivate a naive infatuation rather than genuine admiration. Being here has exposed me to the cultural multiplicity of Spain, and I have developed a more mature appreciation of the country because everywhere you walk in Granada exposes a little more of its true beauty.
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Highlights from around the Mile High City

When my parents informed me of our move from sunny Southern California to the Colorado mountains, I was completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the change. The idea of snow and the sudden change in altitude were a lot to take in. But after spending various weeks here on breaks from
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