Observations about Denmark

Rachel Feder/Staff

After a month and a half in Denmark, spending the majority of my time commuting between the suburb of Helsingor, where I live, into the city of Copenhagen, where I attend classes, I’ve picked up on a few key characteristics that make Copenhagen, and the Danes, different from Berkeley and
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The gray area: my adventures in Israel


I expected to feel differently somehow when we touched down in Tel Aviv, Israel — like my body would radiate with the holiness of the tarmac down which our plane rolled. Maybe it was the fact that I was with almost 40 people whom I barely knew, or that we were landing
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Finding my way in France

“How excited are you to go to France?” That is the question nearly everyone asked when they found out I’d be studying abroad this fall. Unfortunately, there was only one acceptable answer, and it didn’t involve explaining the nervousness and anxiety I felt about being on another continent for four
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Where are the wild kangaroos?

After a whirlwind month adjusting to Australia, I’ve begun to explore Brisbane and the adorable beach towns just a few hours away from the city. I can tell you the best places to get coffee in Brisbane. Actually, anywhere you get coffee will rank among the best you’ve had. Even
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My semester at sea: Morocco

After this semester, I’ve been to a lot of exotic and unfamiliar places. I’ve seen people, places and practices that I never knew existed. For my last port with Semester at Sea, Morocco was the perfect place to end. It was the only stop on this voyage that I had
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The village of Atomkwa.

My semester at sea: Ghana

One of the most important parts of traveling is forcing yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s one of the main reasons I am on this voyage, and it’s definitely had a huge effect on the way I approach new experiences. No country so far has pushed me further from
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