Highlights from around the Mile High City

Gillian Perry/Staff

When my parents informed me of our move from sunny Southern California to the Colorado mountains, I was completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the change. The idea of snow and the sudden change in altitude were a lot to take in. But after spending various weeks here on breaks from
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Pit Stop in Prague

Isabela Reid/Staff

Dedicating only two and a half days in a major European city can’t be recommended, but when you’re an ambitious student on a budget with a desire to see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, sometimes it’s the only option. Oftentimes, events arise that you weren’t expecting;
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A Coachella experience

Emilia Malachowski/Staff

While most people were partying for Cal Day, I went to Indio, California, with my friends for the first weekend of Coachella. Some guest appearances included Kanye, Rihanna, T.I., Skrillex, Lorde and Sam Smith, while headliners included Guns N’ Roses, Halsey, Jack U, Of Monsters and Men and G-Eazy. Our
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When my sister was in seventh grade, she had two major obsessions (as most middle schoolers do): KPOP and Denmark. Both seem pretty random, and honestly, I understood the KPOP phenomena more than the Danish obsession. I quickly became familiar with Boyfriend and SHINee, but my knowledge of the Danish
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On learning to like falling

This spring break, while many UC Berkeley students were venturing away to warm and balmy places, or just lounging in the warm and balmy wonderfulness of Berkeley, I flew like a bird against the seasons up into the cold, wintery regions of Seattle, where I learned how to ski (more or
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San Francisco of the highest pH

One of the big perks of attending UC Berkeley, aside from the education and late night food service, is that it’s just a hop and a skip across the bay from one of the coolest cities on this side of the Mississippi. From Union Square to Haight-Ashbury and every park
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Experiencing Mexico for the first time

Mexico is one of the most popular spring break destinations, and many UC Berkeley students each year travel to either Cancun or Cabo. This year, I had the pleasure of discovering one of the more underrated places in the country.  A couple of friends and I drove all the way from
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Bahamas beach

Bliss in the Bahamas

For spring break, I traveled to Nassau, Bahamas, and stayed on Paradise Island, an island located just off the shore of Nassau. The second best thing about the Bahamas — the first being the drinking age of 18 — was the views. The resort was surrounded by views of the
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Erin Alexander/Staff

South Lake Tahoe: Last-minute trip on a budget

Growing up in South Florida, snow isn’t something you ever see, unless of course you were alive one special day in 1977. The only time I ever got to play with snow in the Sunshine State was on one of those rare, magical days when my elementary school would rent
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