A much needed weekend escape to Santa Cruz

Emily Denny/Staff

Amidst all of these responsibilities, it is important to escape even for just a weekend to places we haven’t explored before. So instead of exploring a new library on campus, or trying out a new coffee shop, I decided to go to Santa Cruz in hope to relieve some stress and visit a place I hadn’t been in years.
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3 days and 3 worlds in southern New Mexico

Map of New Mexico showing three national park locations
Jazmine Solorzano/Staff

Not many southwestern road-trippers take the time or even know to drive just a bit more southeast into New Mexico. By adding just a few more days to your road trip, you’ll encounter landscapes of rolling white sand dunes, deep caves that host underground ecosystems and vast canyons along the Texas border.
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4 days in Utah

Snow falls over a natural landscape in Utah.
Emily Denny /Staff

Waking up early, 18-degree weather, frozen roads, overfilled coffee mugs and a full tank of gas: the beginning of a four-day road trip through Utah. On the agenda were three famous national parks: Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion.
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A weekend in Wien: Exploring Vienna, Austria

As you walk through the city of Vienna, the magnificent baroque buildings on every block give it a sense of poise and beauty that no other European country can match. Not only is it gorgeous to behold, but the food scene is what truly stole my heart.
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A local’s guide to a weekend in Arcata, California

Arcata can seem as different from the Bay Area as it gets, and if you are feeling overwhelmed with your busy schedule, the crowded city streets and the constant noises, it can be the perfect escape — which is why when I returned home for a quick weekend, I was reminded just why.
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Things to sea in Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea!

The first three-day weekend of 2019 has come and gone — and many of us are probably still scratching our heads as to where the time went. Regardless of how you spent Presidents’ Day Weekend, we’re helping you avoid being “tide down” for your next holiday with tips on what to see in Carmel and Monterey!
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A day in the heart of Europe: Aachen, Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Aachen is a city of understated beauty and character. Once the center of Charlemagne’s empire, Aachen is now a small, relatively lesser known German city, but totally worth a day-long visit.
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Feeling A-OK in the UK: My favorite spots in London

I hopped on a cheap easyJet flight and found myself entranced by the magic of this urban wonderland, where castles meet glass skyscrapers and people from all over the world converge. The moment I arrived, I couldn’t wait to return, and I believe you’ll feel the same if you check out some of my favorite spots.
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