A long weekend in Berlin

I spent last weekend in Berlin, the place I have come to call home over the past few months. The experience can only be described as “too much weekend”: I discovered the bar where I plan to end every good night, the coffee shop in which I plan to plow
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My semester at sea: Tibet

One of my fellow travelers was talking to a Tibetan acquaintance, and he told her, “You will see the beautiful parts of Tibet but no more.” When traveling to a place like this, what you don’t see is just as important as what you do see. There is so much
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Happy Birthday

This morning, I got an email that said that my blog TodayInGalway — which was supposed to chronicle my experience abroad in Galway, Ireland in last spring — has officially turned one year old. My first thought: I have way too many emails. I really do. I currently have 5,412*
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My semester at sea: Kamakura, Tokyo and Kyoto

I’ll be visiting quite a few new countries this semester, but Japan was one of the places I was most excited to visit. The cultural personality and aesthetics are so distinctive and fascinating, and I can appreciate all of it so much more after spending just six days travelling around
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A Southern new year

One of the things that allowed me to stay sane during finals week was the knowledge that I would be going back home to Georgia over winter break. Thoughts of Southern comfort food, real sweet tea, and reunions with high school friends kept me from weeping over my piles of
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Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Summer down under

When I think of the land “Down Under,” a jumble of stereotypical images immediately comes to mind: sun, sand, surfing, shrimp on the “barbie,” riding kangaroos to school, eating Vegemite by the spoonful and koalas on every lamppost. When my Melbournian friend invited me to see his country for three
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Loving the oldness of New Orleans

I was walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans on the night of Dec. 30 with my family when the streets seemed to suddenly erupt with what, at first glance, looked like a stampede of well-dressed people. Leading the crowd was a bride, beautiful in a simple white dress
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Dining and shopping under Guangzhou’s blue skies

My winter trip back to the land of Mao — and no Facebook — began with a rather refreshing surprise. Upon stepping outside of Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou, China, I was greeted by blue skies. While contemplating whether the sight was the result of the government somehow pumping dye
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My semester at sea: first stop in Hawaii

This semester, I am traveling aboard a small cruise ship, the MV Explorer, to 13 different countries around the world with the Semester at Sea study abroad program. Including my flight back from London, I will travel completely around the globe. And I’m doing it with more than 500 other
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