Bonjour Chamonix!

Every year for the winter holidays, I travel home to Germany and take a traditional Lookabaugh family ski trip. It’s always amazing being with family in the Alps for the holidays, and the majestic mountain views, the quaint but exciting villages and the seemingly touchable stars really do make for
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A whirlwind Chinese adventure

A tiny blob of light became visible through the airplane window. I blinked a few times, still groggy from sleeping for the better part of 15 hours, and as the blob grew bigger and bigger, a familiar feeling crept up inside me, at once exciting and mundane. I was about
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MoMA in New York City.

A musical day in a rainy Big Apple

It had been a while since I visited New York City. The last time I came to this bustling city was exactly a year ago, when I was still a student from the East Coast and a year’s absence from New York was pretty rare in my life. I was not as
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The iconic Yosemite landscape.

Yosemite: Where the wild bears roam

It’s that time of year when midterms are looming, friendships are being tested and stress is present everywhere. I can’t turn anywhere in Berkeley without spotting at least one stressed-out freshman (or senior; we get overwhelmed, too) who doesn’t know how to cope with the pressure of an impending exam
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30 trips to take before class starts

So here you are at Berkeley, lounging again in your room, mulling in your head about whether you’ve milked every last sun-swollen drop of the season. For those of you with adventure still buzzing in your veins, we at The Daily Clog have prepared a list of the perfect weekend
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Boston's Skyline

Boston was a city of firsts for our group’s ‘last’ trip

As a Californian, sometimes I forget that our involvement with the history of the United States doesn’t go back very far. California, a late 19th century state, is one of those middle children of the U.S. family. The East Coast — the older sisters — is where what we know as the United
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Southern California: beaches galore

You can tell you’re getting closer to the beach once the pedestrians you pass are wearing fewer and fewer articles of clothing. Suddenly, shirtless men abound, and loose T-shirts ending just below the backside are all girls need to throw on top of their bikinis. This perfectly toned, tanned, scantily
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Thinker or tourist?

When the plan to visit Washington, D.C. this summer first materialized, red, white and blue flashed before my eyes before I could stop myself. What could be more American than the capital itself? I was one of the many clueless souls who thought that being there meant absolutely everything there
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Slow down for a visit to SLO

While California houses a large number of colleges and universities up and down the state, there are few towns that really exemplify what it means to be a small college town like San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly students seems to dominate the immediate population and can be found at almost
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