england 9

London Calling

FINALLY YES LONDON This magical trip began with my visiting a place I’d often heard of and one I’d also often heard English people lament about: Picadilly Circus. Please note that it is NOT actually a circus (this may seem like a ridiculous clarification, but I assure you it is
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greece 1

Waiting for change

Around this time of year, the Greek island of Mykonos is a magical place full of sunshine and bikinis and parties that last all day and night. It’s a favorite vacation spot of celebrities and high society folk — Mykonos has the kind of pristinely beautiful beaches that make for
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Come one, come all

“Perhaps that was why he was never afraid of anyone, and yet his schoolfellows at once realized that he was not at all proud of his fearlessness, but gave the impression of someone who had no idea that he was brave and fearless.” — Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov  bruises… why must
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kim chi

When in South Korea, eat American

The Clog went to Korea (South if you were wondering) for a little cultural immersion. We didn’t speak the language or know what sites to see — we were just hungry. The only Korean food we had heard of prior to our visit was that of Korean barbecue and kim
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Korea’s Natural Side — Great Bread and Low Stress

As someone with Korean heritage, it’s hard to avoid getting questions from some of my friends about traveling to Korea (of course, when I say “Korea,” I mean South Korea). They talk about the kimchi, the bibimbap, the galbi and the hot-pots (read: good food) — the kpop, the Korean
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Vancouver 4

Vancouverites: Rain never stopped them

Maybe you’ve heard the term. Maybe you haven’t. They’re lululemon clad, stubborn Blackberry users who love our organic produce and have learned to tolerate constant rain. They’ve memorized the two sole skytrain station routes (the city’s metro equivalent) and don’t feel an umbrella’s necessary until a hurricane hits. They love
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The Ghosts of Sachsenhausen

I have considered myself a fortunate person to have been exposed to so much of the Holocaust at an early age. My middle school history teacher opened my eyes to the books of Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank and Primo Levi. One of my friend’s grandfather was a survivor, incarcerated well
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Ethiopia 2

Coffee, Chat and Ethiopian Community

Have you had your morning coffee yet? In our hazy A.M. fogs most of us understandably fail to think about the origin of that lifesaving brew, and I’m talking about the literal root of the coffee tree that produced a red cherry that magically woke you up this morning (or
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