Parisian undergrounds

Beneath Paris’ city lights, an eerie and dark underworld preserves itself in silence from excessive tourist inspection. An entire network of passages, streets and squares lie invisible to the common crowds of chic cafes and busy restaurants. I took a detour from my usual Parisian night walks during the Christmas
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Alone, but not lonely

I arrive early to the airport on my way home from Dublin. It’s the absolute best place for people watching, so I tend to sit like a five-year-old by the window, watching planes take off and land, while eavesdropping on conversations in various languages. (Is it still considered eavesdropping if I do not understand
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Fit for the ancient gods

“You vacation to tire the body and rest the soul,” said our taxi driver during the ride from the Athens airport to our hotel. I wasn’t expecting a mere cab driver to hold such philosophical wisdom, but he continued to prove me wrong as he lectured my family and me
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Why would you go there?

It seems odd to have to prove to Israel’s very nationals why a 23-year-old girl would want to outlive the stresses of her last year in college in their country for the remnants of summer 2012. Even when their Mediterranean beaches are world famous, their Tel Aviv nightlife rivals many
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Not a Magic Carpet Ride

Find yourself in the middle of the Jordanian desert and you find yourself nowhere, except right on top of millennial underground layers of history dating back to the Iron Age. For six, long, sizzling weeks under a scorching Jordanian sun, I and team members of the Dhiban Archaeological Field School
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It’s a dog-eat-dog world

Part of what makes traveling so exciting is seeing how people live around the world. But during my trip to Europe this summer, I realized that humans aren’t the only ones with cultural quirks. Those of us who grew up in urban parts of the U.S. will agree that we have
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england 9

London Calling

FINALLY YES LONDON This magical trip began with my visiting a place I’d often heard of and one I’d also often heard English people lament about: Picadilly Circus. Please note that it is NOT actually a circus (this may seem like a ridiculous clarification, but I assure you it is
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greece 1

Waiting for change

Around this time of year, the Greek island of Mykonos is a magical place full of sunshine and bikinis and parties that last all day and night. It’s a favorite vacation spot of celebrities and high society folk — Mykonos has the kind of pristinely beautiful beaches that make for
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london 4

Come one, come all

“Perhaps that was why he was never afraid of anyone, and yet his schoolfellows at once realized that he was not at all proud of his fearlessness, but gave the impression of someone who had no idea that he was brave and fearless.” — Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov  bruises… why must
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