Belgian Waffle

Vegging your way through Europe

As a pescatarian (someone who eats no meat other than fish), I was counting on losing a lot of weight while living in Scotland for a year. Haggis isn’t exactly a vegetarian-friendly dish. But when my friends and family welcome me home next week, they won’t be greeting the frail
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Barcelona 1

Barcelona Beauty

After more than 14 hours on a plane in order to fly thousands of miles across an ocean, I finally landed in Barcelona, ready to forget all about finals, classes and other miscellaneous Berkeley-related problems. As I made my way to the famous Ramblas — a long pedestrian street long
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Addis Ababa 3

Addis Ababa — No, we’re not talkin’ Aladdin

“Oh this summer? I’m going to be in Addis Ababa for 2 months.” Some typical responses included, “oh Abu Dhabi, nice!” or just, “What?” There were a few that I knew were nodding in agreement although you could tell they were scouring through their mental search engine for an answer.
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Cauldron of paella

Spanish Flavor

What comes to mind when you think Spanish food? Delicious salsa? Guacamole atop sizzling pepper fajitas? Some cold margaritas or tequila and lime? Well that in fact is Mexican food. In turns out not all Spanish-speaking countries have the same cuisine, and oddly enough if you ask for a tortilla out here in
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Celebrate Valencian-style at the fiery festival of Las Fallas

I stepped off the bus and immediately felt like I was in a battle zone. The long whistles and accompanying roars of firecrackers came from all directions, and the air was already smokey. And this was only 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Thus began our day in Valencia to see the closing festivities
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A waterfall off the island's coast

Isle of Skye, fresh air, and beautiful highlands

Freshman year, back when I thought I was an English major, I took English 45C and had to read “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf. One of the themes I remember our professor teaching us was the concept of the sublime: something so vast, so beautiful, that our very inability to
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venice feature

Walk like a Venetian

I never thought I would consider the Spanish lifestyle a fast-paced one until I got to Italy. No matter how many “es-cuuuu-zis” I shouted, it was obvious I wasn’t going more than three cobble-stoned blocks per half hour. I quickly learned to sit back, relax, enjoy a glass (or mini-juice
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Dreaming of Dublin (St. Paddy’s Day)

Recent emails regarding Tele-BEARS and fall housing have made my year abroad feel a little less like a dream and a little more like a ticking time bomb. When this is over, I need to face the reality of internships, my drained savings account, senior year, and preparations for the
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You just can't beat a Sultanahmet sunset.

Istanbul, or Why has it taken me 20 years to get here

If your list of dream travel destinations does not currently include Istanbul, let me tell you, straight up: You’re doing it wrong. Move over Paris, Barcelona — these traditional European hotspots need to make room for the best thing you never knew you were missing. Do yourself a favor and
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Geneva: A chocolate fueled pilgrimage

Picture this: an adorable family of brown and white cows sits in a beautiful green pasture, a small town and a vast, white mountain range visible in the distance. This idyllic image is printed on small, perhaps 2 square centimeters, piece of paper, which is wrapped around a piece of
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