venice feature

Walk like a Venetian

I never thought I would consider the Spanish lifestyle a fast-paced one until I got to Italy. No matter how many “es-cuuuu-zis” I shouted, it was obvious I wasn’t going more than three cobble-stoned blocks per half hour. I quickly learned to sit back, relax, enjoy a glass (or mini-juice
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Dreaming of Dublin (St. Paddy’s Day)

Recent emails regarding Tele-BEARS and fall housing have made my year abroad feel a little less like a dream and a little more like a ticking time bomb. When this is over, I need to face the reality of internships, my drained savings account, senior year, and preparations for the
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You just can't beat a Sultanahmet sunset.

Istanbul, or Why has it taken me 20 years to get here

If your list of dream travel destinations does not currently include Istanbul, let me tell you, straight up: You’re doing it wrong. Move over Paris, Barcelona — these traditional European hotspots need to make room for the best thing you never knew you were missing. Do yourself a favor and
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Geneva: A chocolate fueled pilgrimage

Picture this: an adorable family of brown and white cows sits in a beautiful green pasture, a small town and a vast, white mountain range visible in the distance. This idyllic image is printed on small, perhaps 2 square centimeters, piece of paper, which is wrapped around a piece of
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View of the city from near the Acropolis, with the temple of Hephaestus on the left

Athens in Limbo

Edinburgh got pretty frigid in February, so when I discovered that we had the third week off, I jumped at the chance of a getaway. I wasn’t picky. I figured any place further south would solve my vitamin D deficiency. When I told my friends and family that I was
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¿How Crazy Can You Carnaval?

Think you can handle the third biggest Carnaval celebration in the world? Well, that’s just what we set out to do this weekend in Cadíz – a beautiful beach city on the southern coast of Spain that comes to life during the weeks of Carnaval, where thousands gather to drink
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Calling all globe-trotters!

Studying abroad for the semester, year, summer? Exploring France, Ghana, Korea, anywhere? Even simply vacationing over break? Share your experiences and write for the Daily Cal Travel Blog! Travel blogging is a great opportunity to let your friends know what you’re up to, help out others interested in studying abroad
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How to be a Wine Snob

This weekend in Paris the temperature plummeted and it snowed for the first time all winter. What are the odds that this would be the weekend we had planned for so long to set off to the city? Alas, to keep warm from the biting winds and icy streets, we
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Edinburgh – city of yesterday, now and tomorrow

Haggis, kilts, scotch and the largest student population in the United Kingdom – what’s not to like? All of this and more is on hand in Edinburgh, a city that seems to exist in the past and the future at once. The architectural stylings remain much as they were when Adam Smith
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What I envisioned Barcelona to be: eating lots of delicious pastries and sipping on espressos in charming cafes like this one.

Barcelona – La gente es muy loca

I signed up to study abroad in Europe’s number one party destination, but not for the parties.  Having visited Barcelona a few times before, I fell in love with the surreal architecture, vibrant art scene, eclectic mix of international cultures and alternative streak that reminded me of my own hometown
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